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Hearing Care


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Darwill has a long, rich history of serving the hearing healthcare industry. For over 30 years, we’ve worked closely with manufacturers, retailers, private and group practices, and franchise owners to build long-term integrated marketing solutions that drive local marketing success. Our long-standing history and knowledge of the industry give you the competitive edge.

Hearing Care

Why Choose Darwill?

We understand the challenges our clients face in the hearing care industry, and we partner with them to create the best multi-channel marketing strategies for their unique business needs. With proven expertise in performance based hearing care marketing, we make it easy to streamline your marketing efforts into a cohesive, blended, and holistic effort for an incredible ROI.

We have tested and tracked thousands of different mail pieces to discover what works and what doesn’t work. Our robust data models back our decision-making, targeting, and the cadence at which direct mail is deployed – unique to each location. We can also build off your mail campaign and create an omnichannel experience. The digital marketing we add to your strategy works in tandem with the data model and helps to provide a lift to campaign success. 

Spend on The Right Prospects Using Data Science

Our value is deeply rooted in our data-first approach, and it all starts with real-world addresses. We’ve invested significantly in our proprietary opportunity modeling solutions that power all your marketing decisions. Our artificial intelligence (AI) and data models work together to understand who your current customers are and learn from their customer journey to better predict your future patients. 

At Darwill it isn’t just about the quantity, but the quality of patients. We help you customize marketing that brings in patients at the lowest cost per acquisition and the highest lifetime value. 

Our data modeling has the richest data driving our predictive targeting. While most competitors simply buy third-party lists, we run sophisticated data models that help us rank who is and who is not likely to convert. Our models accomplish this at a location level and provide a clear picture of who your ideal patients are, not just a generalization. Plus, we score the data to determine where you should focus your budget and at what level of the score range you would potentially lose money.

  • Trigger-based patient marketing plans developed by Darwill and driven by up-to-date data from our integrated CRM partners.
  • No monthly fees or subscription costs – pay the price per piece and nothing more. 
  • No third-party vendors. Creative, Data Science, Production, and Fulfillment all in-house. 
  • Data cleansing. Clean lists mean less waste but also keep your database up to date. 
  • Powerful reporting. Darwill will match back campaign responses and demonstrate the path from lead to sale, showing your true ROI.
  • Daily or weekly mail drops. Creates a steady flow of traffic while minimizing cancellations and no-shows. 
  • Plus! The ability to target new patient groups based on the collection of current patient data.
  • Annual appointment reminders
  • Tested not sold
  • Hearing device aging
  • Purchase post fit
  • Warranty expiration
  • Service appointment reminders
  • No-show and canceled appointments
  • And more!
  • Sycle
  • Blueprint
  • CouncelEAR

Reach Patients Everywhere with Darwill

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Target Prospects & Increase Conversions

Darwill’s long-standing experience in hearing healthcare makes us the right choice to boost your patient volumes and increase conversion rates.