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Strengthen Membership Sales

With 25 years in the fitness industry, Darwill’s marketing expertise helps gym owners and managers build localized campaigns to grow membership sales, retain members, and increase ROI. 

Our sales team understands your needs because they have held high-level fitness roles including managing gyms. This unique perspective and insight into the industry along with our proprietary marketing technology separates us from other marketing agencies. 

Let Darwill do a deep dive into who your members and prospects are and deploy marketing campaigns to capture them in real-time. 

Health and Fitness

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Campaigns that Lift Response

Our in-house creative team works on thousands of tested and proven direct marketing campaigns each year. We research industry and direct mail trends to build engaging mail pieces that bring members in the door. Darwill offers a competitive analysis, consultations on current creatives, or can produce custom mail pieces from scratch. We can also take your campaign digital and create an omnichannel experience to reach members and prospects across multiple channels. 

Club and gym owners can reach their local target audience through data-driven direct mail, streaming ads, paid search, rapid retargeting, social, and more. 

Plus, we partner with ABC Fitness Solutions and VFPnext to automate your member marketing with up-to-date data.

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Maximize Your Memberships

Connect with us to get a customized marketing plan created around your gym’s goals.