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18, Dec 2023

Boost Gym Member Volume with Facebook Lead Generation


A national gym and fitness center wanted to increase their lead generation throughout the year. The client identified a major spike in leads during January, often driven by external factors like New Year resolutions, post-holiday planning, and trends in the fitness world. However, after January, they had a hard time keeping up the same level of interest. Their lead generation struggled to maintain the same momentum, resulting in off-peak periods with reduced opportunities for gym member acquisition.


To combat off-peak periods, Darwill recommended the client run Facebook ads with a focus on brand awareness and lead generation. Implementing an awareness campaign in tandem with lead generation, allowed us to cast a wider net to people who were new to the client’s brand and nurture them on their journey to becoming a gym member.


To ensure the Facebook campaigns increased leads and membership volume, Darwill performed A/B testing, diversified the ad formats, ran awareness campaigns in tandem with lead generation, and implemented look-a-like audiences.

A/B Testing:

A/B testing allowed Darwill to see which elements of the Facebook ad performed best, enabling us to optimize for better engagement.

The control group (A) contained shorter, more succinct copy that quickly communicated the client’s key messages. While the variation group (B) contained longer copy that elaborated on gym benefits and emphasized strong offers prominently.

After running the A/B test, Darwill concluded that the control group (A) performed better as its clarity and brevity made the most impact on efficiently conveying the client’s value proposition.

A/B Testing

Diversification of Ad Formats:

Additionally, Darwill utilized different ad formats including carousel and video ads. Carousel formats were used to tell a cohesive story and showcase a series of related products/services of the client. This helped to create an engaging narrative for the brand. Video ads provide a richer experience compared to static images. Utilizing video was a great way for the client to showcase their gym, explain workout machines, and showcase customer testimonials.

Awareness Campaigns:

An awareness campaign ran in tandem with lead generation via Facebook ads. Darwill created compelling and vivid professional content that effectively communicated the brand's unique selling points. We leveraged multimedia content, including high-quality visuals, infographics, and videos, to ensure a visually engaging presentation of the key brand features. Darwill also focused on storytelling to make the client’s brand more relatable, creating an emotional connection with the audience.

Then, we nurtured leads over the next 90 days, guiding them through the process of becoming a gym member with limited-time offers, exclusive deals, and loyalty programs designed to attract and retain gym members during slower months.

Implementing Look-A-Like Audiences:

Lastly, Darwill implemented advanced lead segmentation based on user behavior, demographics, and interactions during the awareness phase. Personalized communication to cater to the specific needs and interests of each segment, ensured a more tailored and relevant nurturing process.


Darwill helped the client enhance their lead conversion rates with a 47% increase in leads compared to the previous year. In addition, Darwill succeeded at shortening the client's sales cycle through targeted lead nurturing tactics.

Case Study

Gym & Fitness Center
  • Increase lead generation during off-peak periods.
  • Educate leads on the client’s brand and motivate them to convert.
  • Utilize limited-time offers, deals, and loyalty programs to attract and retain gym members.