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Data + Automation

Darwill has the ability to integrate with any business management software (CRMs, POS, and more). The daily feed of data between Darwill and your business management software allows you to automate your customer communication and clearly see how impactful your marketing campaigns are.

Data and Darwill

Efficient & Effective

As customer data is passed from the business management software to Darwill, we ensure the records are clean and available for trigger marketing and comprehensive results reporting. Integrating your data allows us to offer you results-based reporting. Using the most advanced data and analytic tools, our team of Data Scientists optimizes your automated direct marketing campaigns to target the best responders, ultimately increasing your ROI. 

With a strong data model in place, we can market more intelligently and efficiently, saving you money while competing more effectively in your local market. 


CRM and POS Partners

Integrate Live Data for Smarter Marketing

By integrating your business management software with Darwill, we gain access to up-to-date data to utilize to target consumers accurately with automated trigger campaigns.