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For over 25 years, Darwill’s marketing services have helped thousands of dealerships, advertising associations, and original equipment managers (OEMs) stay competitive and relevant. 

Our turnkey products offer clients a hands-off approach and aggressive, dealership-friendly pricing. We help you maximize long-term customer value by integrating superior marketing strategies and continually refining your local target audience to market to them throughout the customer lifecycle.

As the industry evolves, we help automotive clients embrace changes and advance ahead of their competitors with elevated, localized marketing plans, powerful data and analytics, and the latest technology. 

Automotive Stats

Data Powered Auto Services

Darwill’s data science team uncovers insights that help you deliver people-based marketing specific to the actions your target audience takes. A few unique data offers we can do for automotive clients include geo-data, inventory and end-of-lease acquisition campaigns, and trade lead management.


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Geo-data or geo-location data, allows us to find and discover consumer insights based on physical intent. Using a geo-fence around a designated target area, we can find your potential target audience. Target areas give us a view into consumer behaviors, obtain their latitude and longitude coordinates, and serve a local ad. Geo-data is great for prospecting campaigns and even recruitment hiring campaigns for your dealership.

Inventory acquisition campaigns (IAC) utilize our Contact Center team to find you real appointments, and not bogus leads. Cut costs and the hassle of auction acquisitions as our expert team will take over finding the cars you want to fill your inventory. You tell us what you want on your lot, and we target the inventory available in your local market based on brand, model, type, etc. By using data points and our data sources, our Contact Center team will find the cars you want, complete the pre-qualification work, and set the trade-in appointment. All you have to do is evaluate and appraise the car and make an offer to buy.

Our end-of-lease campaigns use intricate data sets backed by the credit bureau and vehicle data that you never realized you could target before. This turnkey solution enables you to target competitor leases by zip code, geographical area, lease end date, make, model, and even down to vehicle color. We market to these customers before their lease ends through direct mail and outbound calling to win their business.

Our trade lead management team helps dealerships increase their ROI and see better results from their leads. Dealerships can provide their data list to Darwill, and we follow up with the hand-raisers who have shown interest in selling or trading in their vehicle. Thanks to our consistent process and following up with leads, Darwill is an industry leader in handling and generating quality used car inventory for your dealership or group.

Marketing Channels

Our automotive clients can benefit from a localized, omnichannel marketing strategy. Based on your goals, we create a data-backed plan and select the channels that your target audience responds best to. 

Whether it’s a service campaign, recruitment campaign, finding new leads, or helping you stock your inventory, Darwill has the capability to increase traffic in your showroom and improve your sales.

Target your prospects and customers in the mail, online, through TV commercials, and more!

The Kelly Nissan team of Oak Lawn, Illinois has been with Darwill for about 4 years now. [The Darwill digital team] is absolutely amazing to work with and very helpful in explaining the whole process of how to get Kelly Nissan to achieve all SEO, SEM, Facebook, and Website Management goals. I highly recommend using Darwill for all SEO, SEM, Facebook, and Website Management to help your business grow with success."

– John Vanik, Internet Sales Manager – Kelly Nissan

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Get started with Darwill’s wide array of auto-specific marketing campaigns and see a boost in showroom traffic, service appointments, and more.