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Automated Marketing

Automated Marketing

Real-Time Marketing

Revolutionize your direct marketing with automation. Let us help you reach customers and prospects at the right time with the right message based on their behaviors and actions. Consumer-driven triggers maximize conversion and enhance customer experience with relevant digital ads and a tangible mail piece.


Trigger Marketing

Our trigger-based programs allow you to set up programmatic direct mail (PDM) campaigns that automatically send to customers based on their buying actions. If you have a CRM or POS system, we can integrate it for on-demand access to customer data.

These marketing pieces are customer-driven by online and offline data points and automatically send on your behalf – saving your staff time and resources.

Integrating direct mail with innovative marketing technology allows for data-driven, programmatic messaging to target the right customers, at the right time, which improves response rates.

Custom marketing plans developed by Darwill and driven by up-to-date data feed from your CRM.

Darwill will matchback campaign response and demonstrate the path from lead to sale, showing your true return on investment.

Creates a steady flow of traffic to your store or website based on consumer behaviors or other pre-determined triggers.

Pay the price per piece and nothing more.

Creative, Data Science, Production, and Fulfillment all in-house.

Top Performing Trigger Campaigns

Darwill provides you with all the elements to build a successful trigger campaign. Start seeing 5 - 10x response vs. traditional prospecting campaigns.

Some campaigns include:

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Rapid Retargeting

Convert anonymous web visitors into real customers with rapid retargeting. After an in-market buyer visits your website, they’ll receive direct mail and digital ads related to their activity on your website. 

Stay top of mind and watch your conversions soar.



Rapid Retargeting

How Rapid Retargeting Works

Ready to Revolutionize Your Marketing?

Automate your mail and digital ads through trigger campaigns and rapid retargeting.