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Increase Purchase Rates

The way consumers shop has changed. In-store shopping is no longer the only option. Consumers shop online on their devices and take time to think about their purchasing decisions. There are many businesses selling the same or similar product, leaving the consumer to research to compare products, prices, and other purchasing options.

With Darwill’s proven marketing strategies, we’ll help you engage customers and prospects with coupons, offers, personalization, and retargeting.


Capture Consumers with Data

Darwill helps you stand out amongst competitors and fight for consumer attention and sales by using the right data technology, and machine learning. 

Utilizing data from your business management software, we build data models, see who your look-a-like customers are, where your local customers live, and where they shop – online and in-store locations. Understanding the needs of customers in the surrounding area can help us strategize a localized approach for your campaign. We run an analysis per store to discover optimal budget and target the right people.

With these key insights, you can guide consumers through the customer journey successfully by delivering highly personalized communications. Plus, our partnerships with the top business POS systems allow you to leverage data with automated marketing programs.

Marketing Automation

Triggers make automated marketing easy. Through Darwill’s trigger-based program we have the power to set your store up with a direct mail campaign that automatically sends to customers based on their actions or buying behaviors.

We can also convert anonymous web visitors into real customers with rapid targeting. This product is highly successful when a consumer visits your website and looks at a product but does not convert. With rapid retargeting, we can immediately serve them ads and send mail within the next business day to get them back and make a sale. 

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Who We Help

No matter what your retail business is, Darwill is here to create custom marketing plans that achieve your goals. We work with a variety of businesses in the retail and RTO industry, small and large, to capture leads and gain loyal customers. Our team can also tailor your strategy and allocate your budget across multiple store locations. 

Here are just some of our customers:

Increase Your Store and Website Traffic

See more sales in-store across locations and online with Darwill’s retail marketing guidance. Keep your brand and product top of mind with customers and beat out your competition.