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Hyperlocal Marketing

We’ll help you budget accurately through data modeling and scoring. Our data tools enable us to find your prime target audiences around each of your locations and determine who should receive marketing based on their likeliness to convert. 

Every location is different based on the town and people who live there. That means your marketing approach needs to be localized per store. Our data modeling and scoring help to build marketing recommendations for your budget based on the opportunity per location. Don’t waste money on mass mailing, get location specific and only send what makes sense.

Budgeting Solutions

Informative Budgeting Dashboard

Our intuitive budgeting dashboard shows you the opportunity across your locations and where to focus your budget and marketing efforts. With this tool, you can test the price per mail piece, cadence, and the score range you want to target to see what your budget should be. Our Data Science team and Sales team will walk you through the dashboard and how to gain the best insights from it.

Don’t just divide your budget evenly across locations. Let us help you determine what to spend per location based on the opportunity. 

Budgeting Solutions

Smart Data-Driven Marketing, Better Budgeting

Use your budget wisely with our data modeling and scoring that uncovers the precise people you should be targeting. Don’t waste a penny more on people who aren’t likely to convert.