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Data Models & Validation


Enhancing Your Data

We use data mining to clean and enhance your existing data. Doing this enables us to identify patterns and relationships to predict future trends and help direct you in making better-informed marketing decisions. Removing any duplicates, invalid information, updating contacts where needed, and more.

Data Models
Predictive Models Include Predictive Models Include

Predictive Models Include

Building Predictive Models

Define what your ideal customer looks like and then locate prospects with the highest propensity to convert with predictive data models.

These models are built using the most effective techniques from the fields of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. They are highly targeted and assign individualized scores to people rather than working at the household/address, carrier route, or city/county/zip code level.

We pair your customer data with our two national installs of demographic, financial, psychographic, and geographic data. Doing so enhances your data for an even more accurate model. 


Data models are trained and validated before deployment using hold-out techniques for a true read on their generalizability and performance.

Our Data Science team also monitors and dynamically updates the models as we see who responds and who doesn't in live marketing campaigns –  ensuring models always stay fresh and current with the realities of the marketplace and competitive landscape.

Cost Per Net Call

with Modeling & Validation

Cost Per Net Call

Build Better Data Models with Darwill

See who your target prospects are and save money targeting those most likely to respond.