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Data Analytics


The Power of Data

Our strategy is driven by data, and our results are proven by data. With over 300 data integrations, our reporting tool allows you to see a full view of your campaign with real-time reporting across all channels. See results from your direct mail, digital, streaming ads, and other campaigns all in one place.



Campaign Tracking

We have multiple ways to track the success of your campaigns and how consumers are interacting with your marketing efforts. From unique call tracking numbers, landing page traffic, QR code scans, email clicks, and more – we can trace the path from lead to sale.

Using these metrics, we can make educated recommendations when it comes to adjusting your budget, cadence, or campaign to boost results.

Understand Your Campaign Results

Darwill’s advanced reporting tools give you quantifiable feedback on every integrated marketing campaign, proving exactly what return you are getting for your investment. We’ll walk you through your campaign results, draw conclusions, and provide educated recommendations based on the report.

With Darwill’s analytic reports, you’ll gain a full understanding of how your customers and prospects engage with your campaign. 


Ready to Dive into Your Campaign Results?

Darwill is your trusted partner when it comes to understanding omnichannel campaign performance. We’ll walk you through real-time reports and help you understand how each channel is performing.