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21, Nov 2022

Lifecycle Journey Marketing Raises Repurchases

Case Study:

A global hearing care company with corporate locations across the U.S. was looking to increase repurchase rates of their existing patients. They had historically reached out to patients based on a past purchase window that aligned best with operations, rather than when optimal response occurred.


Past Campaign Analysis Findings:

Years Since Purchase Cost Per Eval Eval Response Rate Cost Per Eval
3 Years 9.60% 4.43% $13.68
4 Years 8.69% 3.93% $14.99
5 Years 6.37% 2.83% $19.51
6 Years 4.64% 1.06% $61.96
7+ Years 2.73% 0.82% $73.55

Darwill Analysis Findings:

Patients response dropped off significantly after 7 years. Indicating that as the optimal time to segment the data for different messaging.

Case Study

Hearing Care Company
  • Determine optimum segmentation for repurchase based on past response data.
  • Increase response of repurchase campaigns by delivering specialized messaging and offers based on historical patient response.

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