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Rent-to-Own (RTO)


Engage Consumers

Darwill brings proven direct marketing solutions to the rent-to-own (RTO) industry. We understand the importance of efficient marketing and consistent communication with your customers. 

Why Choose Darwill?

Through our automated marketing programs, we deliver consistent data-driven results for customer acquisition and retention. We can take your national marketing campaign and tailor it to be specific for each store. Additionally, our team will build custom, seasonal marketing campaigns to engage your current customers and target new prospects. 

As your dedicated marketing partner, we understand the importance of keeping you informed throughout the campaign. We send email reports that recap the data lists mailed, campaign creative, and total quantity mailed – allowing your team to accurately conduct follow-up phone calls.

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Automation Made Easy

Through Darwill’s trigger-based program, we have the power to set your store up with a direct mail campaign that automatically sends to customers based on their actions or buying behaviors. Set it and forget it, so you can focus on other business goals. 

Automate your customer marketing through our unique trigger mail programs, that ultimately deliver an exceptional ROI.


Our customers see an average 8% response rate with a cost per purchaser of under $10.

POS Integrations

With on-demand access to customer data, through various POS integrations, Darwill can implement our set-and-forget trigger marketing programs on your behalf. Integrating direct mail with innovative marketing technology allows for data-driven, automated messaging to target the right customers, at the right time, which improves response rates.

Benefits of Triggers Benefits of Triggers

Benefits of Triggers

  • Trigger-based, custom marketing plans
  • Powerful matchback campaign reporting
  • Weekly drops for steady flow of traffic
  • No monthly fees or subscription costs
  • No third-party vendors

Rapid Retargeting

With rapid retargeting, you can easily convert anonymous website visitors into real customers. After visiting your website, we can target shoppers with marketing related to what they were looking at. This is done with our sophisticated reverse IP append technology that identifies the prospect's IP address and runs it through an algorithm to locate their physical address. Within days, deliver personalized direct mail communication into their mailbox with a motivating offer to encourage conversion.

Happy's Nation

“Darwill handles everything – design, deployment, and reporting. Our team loves their data-driven approach to targeting potential customers. Darwill has helped us reach more potential customers while saving money.”

Countryside Rentals - Rent-to-Own

"We have been using Darwill for several years now for our 40-store operation. They have helped us get the right lists and vehicles for impactful creative. They enable us to keep in continuous contact with our database through direct mail. The backward visibility into the mailing performance allows us to pivot year after year. All of this is done with top-notch professional communication and a fair price."

Premier Rent-to-Own

"Darwill has created a program that allows us to have a hands-off marketing program that targets specific customers that are familiar with the rent-to-own transaction, be it a current customer, a payoff customer, or a prospective customer. Since we have been involved with Darwill, they continue to promote our business with an upscale look that customers respond to. Marketing with Darwill requires little to no effort from the store staff, allowing them to focus on other aspects of their job.”

RTO Clients

Let’s Get to Work!

We’ll help you craft a custom marketing plan that combines automated triggers and seasonal campaigns. Leaving you one less thing to worry about.