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17, Jan 2024

Auto Dealership Increases Traffic with Prospect Marketing Strategy


An automotive dealership was looking to drive local prospect traffic to its location and increase its CTR through personalized ads. The client turned to Darwill to build a prospect strategy utilizing dynamic, personalized ads, and geo-fencing to effectively reach its target audience. 


Our team crafted dynamic, personalized ads that would be served to prospects based on the specific keywords they searched and the contextual content they read. This enabled the dealership to adjust the content of the ads based on what the prospect was actively searching for and what vehicles and offers the dealership could supply.

With direction from the client, Darwill drew geo-fences around locations of interest and placed a conversion zone around the client’s dealership to track online-to-offline conversions. After launch, Darwill made optimizations to improve performance, including shifting the budget to the highest-performing keywords and locations.


The campaign achieved a 0.30% CTR. Additionally, the client recorded 455 visits to the dealership, resulting in a 300% increase in foot traffic. The dealership's business surged during the campaign, and they are now one of the top dealerships in the region.

Automotive Prospect Marketing Strategy

Case Study

  • Utilize geo-fencing to drive prospects to the dealership to increase sales.
  • Serve personalized ads based on prospect searches and buying behaviors.
  • Increase CTR through targeted ads to local audiences.