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17, Jan 2024

Auto Dealer Drives Customer Loyalty with Addressable Geo-Fencing


A regional automotive dealership wanted to promote its service specials and other offers to existing customers. The client asked Darwill for help to implement addressable geo-fencing and leverage its CRM data to target specific addresses of existing customers. They wanted to achieve a 0.10% CTR while also tracking the number of dealership visits received from targeted individuals.


The client provided Darwill with two proprietary address lists from its CRM data. One list contained existing service department customers and the other had recent new car buyers. Using GPS data based on plat lines, Darwill’s geo-fencing tool automatically matched these addresses to the exact physical location, shape, and size of each household. Our tool also scrubbed the address lists of any personally identifiable information.

A target fence was then “built” around each address to utilize for retargeting customers via mobile, tablet, and desktop ads. A conversion zone was placed around the dealership to track the number of existing customers who were delivered an ad and then revisited the dealership for service or to take advantage of other offers. 


Over three weeks, the campaign results were more than double the client’s initial goal. Darwill helped the dealership achieve a 0.24% CTR.


Click Through Rate

Case Study

  • Retarget existing customers with automotive service specials and offers.
  • Achieve a 0.10% CTR.
  • Track conversions of dealership visits from targeted individuals.