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11, Jan 2024

Keyword Optimization Propelled Gym Above Local Competitors


A National Gym & Fitness Center sought a holistic marketing solution to elevate its brand’s visibility, online reputation, and overall presence. They wanted a working strategy that allowed them to have a competitive edge in the fitness industry and boost organic search results, specifically in their Philadelphia market.


Our solution involved optimizing the client’s web layout, content, and metadata. Additionally, we worked with their in-house team to improve brand visibility and organic search traffic with custom landing pages. Utilizing custom landing page URLs on their marketing campaigns enabled the client to target their local audience segments based on classes to compete with other local gyms and detailing the perks of joining the client's gym. From these pages, we tracked keywords to understand how to further optimize for better performance. Lastly, Darwill created blog content related to highly searched services as another strategy to improve online reputation and their presence on search engines.


Strategic decisions were made to utilize fitness keywords closely related  to their brand voice. However, after a few months, the client recognized  with Darwill's direction that reintegrating additional fitness keywords outside of their brand voice was essential, as it positively impacted their organic rankings, allowing them to compete more effectively in the market. This realization showcases their adaptability and commitment to  continuous improvement.


563.21% INCREASE

New Users increased by 563.21%. More new people discovered this health and fitness center compared to the previous year.

577.73% INCREASE

Sessions increased by 577.73%. More website visitors came to the site compared to the previous year.

Case Study

Gym & Fitness Center
  • Elevate brand visibility, awareness, and online reputation.
  • Increase brand presence on search engines.
  • Strategize a marketing plan that provides a competitive edge in the local market.