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5, Dec 2022

Effective Marketing on a Limited Budget


A National Hearing Provider needed to efficiently prospect for new patients and hearing aid users on a fixed budget. Knowing this, Darwill leveraged data and predictive models to develop a marketing plan that focused on mail cadence, creative, and budget reallocation to target the clients most valuable prospects.


Tasked with this challenge, Darwill analyzed the clients’ patients and created a custom, validated model built specifically to optimize prospect selection for their business. This model provided an in-depth look into the clients’ prospect pool. From this data, Darwill could analyze which prospects had the highest propensity to convert, helping us to appropriately reallocate the budget. Instead of mailing every prospect on the list, we decided to hone in on the top tier groups as the data showed they would provide the best response rate and ROI.



Once Darwill found the best prospects to target, a marketing plan was developed to mail the 60 and above score group and compare results to the previous method of targeting those that scored 40 and above.



Through Darwill’s methodology, the client is seeing an overall increase in response by focusing on the 60+ group compared to their wider target of 40+. Additionally, they are seeing an average of almost double the response rate for the 90+ score group. The success has enabled the client to more easily reach their marketing goals, allowing the business to increase growth. Furthermore, the client continues to mail exclusively with Darwill due to the excellent results.


Case Study

Hearing Care Company
  • Define smart strategies to attract leads.
  • Score and target optimal prospects.
  • Outline the best direct mail cadence.
  • Reallocate budget to high-scoring prospects.

Achieve Impressive Results and More

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