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Expert Tips on Digital Marketing
Oct 10, 2023

Expert Insights on Leveraging Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is no longer only an option. It's become an imperative strategy for companies across all industries. The internet and the rise of digital technology have reshaped consumer behavior. This has prompted a shift in online habits and preferences. 

As of Q3 2023, there are 5.19 billion internet users worldwide. Growth in mobile use is also fueling increases in digital adoption and activity. More than two-thirds of the world's total population uses a mobile phone. Consumers are browsing the internet, making online purchases, and socializing. Roughly 94% of internet users use social media every month.

Leveraging the power of digital marketing is vital to thrive in the digital age. Darwill's seasoned Digital team gives expert advice on digital marketing trends, harnessing new technologies and mediums, areas of opportunity, and more.

Advice on Current Digital Marketing Trends

Enhanced Targeting

This is a digital trend that our expert team is very excited about. Enhanced targeting options enable marketers to include behavioral retargeting strategies. You can show ads to users who have already interacted with your brand or website but have yet to buy something. This can help re-engage potential customers and enhance lead nurturing tactics. 

Paid Marketing

Paid marketing is another strategic approach that has taken off. It can help deliver your message further to new audiences and generate conversions. But you must balance your organic and paid marketing strategies to stay competitive. Our Digital team says, "Before you focus on paid efforts, you must optimize your organic marketing. Organic marketing strategies establish your credibility among the competition. If you bring in leads from paid marketing without an optimized website, they will not convert."

Harnessing New Technology and Mediums

Harnessing the power of emerging technologies and mediums can help businesses gain a competitive edge. Our Digital experts recommend our clients consider incorporating the following into their digital marketing strategy.

AI-Assisted Programmatic Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence is making waves. AI allows machines to learn from experiences and perform human-like tasks. AI and machine learning can help in several ways. Digital marketers use these to get better bids and placements for digital ads. Once programmed and trained, machine learning can adjust bidding strategies. They base this on real-time data. It optimizes ad spend and analyzes keywords and phrases to get the best possible results. This innovative tech can make adjustments at a scale and speed that would be impossible for manual management.

Machine learning algorithms can also segment audiences more accurately by analyzing user behavior and preferences. Our Digital team notes that "these algorithms analyze vast amounts of data for precise keyword targeting, ensuring that ads are displayed to users actively searching for specific products or services, resulting in higher click-through rates and conversions."


TikTok is a massive platform with a diverse audience. We recommend clients use it to broaden their reach and engagement. TikTok has 1.7 billion monthly active users and is expected to reach two billion by the end of 2024. This platform has become popular amongst brands as it is user-friendly and only requires creativity and a smartphone to make engaging low-cost videos. TikTok offers advertising options, including in-feed ads, branded hashtags, and sponsored challenges. These paid options allow for precise audience targeting and can complement organic content efforts.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is a must for any business. It is the most consumed form of media because it captures and retains viewers' attention better than text or static images. 66% of consumers agree that short-form videos are the most engaging content on social media. Videos can be used in various formats, such as explainer videos, product demonstrations, testimonials, and behind-the-scenes footage, catering to different marketing objectives and audience preferences. Darwill recommends incorporating video into your marketing strategy as "it allows for compelling storytelling, which can create a stronger emotional connection with the audience and improve brand recall."

Leveraging Data

Using analytics to look at your collected data helps refine your digital marketing. Tools like Google Analytics, Facebook Ads Manager, HubSpot, and Marketo are all great examples of where to get data insights. When looking at data, Darwill's Digital team advises you to "search for patterns, trends, and insights that can inform your marketing strategies. For instance, identify which channels or campaigns drive the most conversions and which customer segments are most valuable." 

Furthermore, you will want to regularly test new strategies and tactics based on data insights to refine your approach over time. Understand the customer journey by tracking how various touchpoints and user actions contribute to conversions.

Areas of Opportunity

In addition to testing the above-mentioned digital trends, Darwill's Digital team has identified two areas of opportunity that businesses can leverage.


Personalization plays a crucial role in digital marketing. It enables businesses to be more individual and meaningful with their target audience. It allows brands to show users tailored content, offers, and experiences. This can enhance engagement, conversion rates, and customer satisfaction.

Our clients can include personalized strategies in their digital marketing campaigns by:

  1. Analyzing relevant customer data. This includes demographic information, browsing behavior, buying history, and preferences.
  2. Dividing the audience into segments based on shared characteristics and behaviors.
  3. Use personalized ad targeting on platforms like Google Ads and social media. Leverage user data to show ads to specific demographics or previously interacted individuals.

Voice Search

Voice search provides valuable insights into the customer's behavior. It looks into how they uncover information through voice versus text-based research. Businesses need to add voice search to their strategy. About 68% of people use digital assistants to search for products and services.

The first step is optimizing your website. Be sure to tailor search engine optimization (SEO) for voice search. Darwill recommends "leveraging platforms like Google Search Console to identify search queries. You can apply these key phrases to their products, services, and even blog postings. This will help your content be chosen as the answer. It will also be wise to proactively address opportunities like low-hanging fruit queries. These can help to give you a competitive advantage."

Step into the World of Digital Marketing

The future of digital marketing is bright. It will continue to play a significant role in your marketing strategy. Leverage new trends, harness the power of rising technology and mediums, and identify areas of opportunity to produce successful digital campaigns. Darwill's Digital Marketing team is here to guide the way. Reach out to us to get started with a robust digital campaign.