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Exploring Trends and Recommendations
Aug 29, 2023

Q&A: Exploring Marketing Trends and Recommendations for Success

Do you need help with performance-based marketing? Marketing continues to evolve, and new technologies may make you shift your strategy.

If you want to learn about current marketing trends, you've come to the right place! We sat down with Patrick White, an Account Executive at Darwill, for his expert opinion on what's trending, generating leads, and driving sales.

What are the latest trends in performance-based marketing? How are these trends impacting Darwill's customers?

White: "It is an exciting time to be in the marketing industry. The marketing landscape has been evolving at a near-neck-breaking speed over the past few years. There have been tremendous advancements in data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI). All of these have contributed to creating new technologies, channels, and tactics for marketers to leverage. 

"By incorporating these trends into our strategy, our campaigns have become more targeted, more integrated, and more ongoing in nature. With the latest advancements, we can cost-effectively micro-target via multiple channels. This has been a true game-changer."

How does Darwill stay updated on the latest marketing trends and industry developments?

White: "Our entire team is training and learning how to best tackle new trends and industry developments for our clients. Each campaign we run is thoroughly assessed and measured to understand how it performed. As we examine the campaign results, we’re able to gain insight into how it worked for the client. Through research, information sharing, and measuring results, we are ensuring our team is equipped with in-depth knowledge and resources to target customers and prospects."

Can you give me an example of a recent trend that has now proven to be a staple of a successful campaign?

White: "In my opinion, a trend that has become a staple is Multi-Variate Testing (MVT). With micro-targeting comes opportunity. In particular, the opportunity to test at levels previously unattainable. Campaigns can now be formulated upfront to carry multiple levels of testing, all combined into one efficiently executed campaign.

"The days of testing being cost-prohibitive are over. The first question any marketer should ask is what we are attempting to achieve and what opportunity for learning can be accomplished. The opportunity lost is too great if we do not establish testing opportunities initially.

"Another trend that has become essential is Informed Delivery. Informed Delivery used to be a channel that marketers incorporated only to secure incentive discounts. However, the channel now has proven to be an effective way to build additional awareness and reach with customers.

"The moral of the story is to always 'let the data speak' and not make any assumptions about what may or may not work. Test, test, and more test!"

What strategy do you think every customer should leverage?

White: "The most important strategy I recommend to any customer is ABT – always be testing. There should always be a conscious effort to ensure learnings are achieved with every marketing campaign."

In your experience, what marketing strategies have been most effective in generating leads and driving sales? 

White: "Using data and predictive models has proven essential in generating leads and driving sales. Data helps uncover which leads to go after. It also gives us a better understanding of the marketing channels that will perform the best for the targeted leads. I would also say that consistency and cadence are important factors. As they significantly impact conversion."

How do you leverage data and analytics to inform your marketing strategies?

White: "Who you think may be your 'best customer' may very much surprise you. I have seen many instances where data insights contradict what was thought to be known. Utilizing data and analytics allows us to uncover who your customer really is, leading to better targeting and channel utilization. It is best always to let the data tell the story!"

What are some key challenges marketers are facing in the industry?

White: "In my opinion, the speed at which the industry changes is the biggest challenge. Staying current with the newest technologies and capabilities takes a real commitment. In addition, having the 'guts' to test unproven tactics has provided some great wins for marketers. If you aren't learning, you aren't marketing."

How do you stay ahead of your competitors regarding marketing innovation and differentiation?

White: "Darwill has invested heavily in new technologies that, over time, have proven to set us apart from others in the space. Our management team is not afraid to invest in capabilities that are not yet mainstream. This approach has allowed us to remain ahead of the curve and offer our customers new opportunities for testing and targeting."

Build Campaigns that Make an Impact with Darwill

Now that you've learned about marketing trends and leveraging strategies from Patrick White, it's time to take the next step with Darwill. Contact us to ask questions about marketing trends and get your hands on our performance-based campaigns.