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Engaging Gen Z with Direct Mail
Jul 03, 2024

How to Effectively Engage with Gen Z Using Direct Mail

Generation Z, also known as Gen Z, are people born between 1997 and 2012. They are the first generation to grow up with smartphones and social media. This has largely influenced their behaviors, attitudes, and values.

Businesses are leveraging digital marketing to reach Gen Z across various online channels. While this is an effective marketing strategy, direct mail can also help you stand out from competitors.

Contrary to popular belief, this tech-savvy generation is only partially immune to the charms of traditional marketing methods. Direct mail can capture Gen Z’s attention in unexpected ways. This blog discusses how businesses can use direct mail to connect with Gen Z and make their brand stand out.

Understanding Gen Z’s Engagement Preferences

Gen Z relies heavily on the internet, social media, and smartphones in their daily lives. Studies show that 35% of Gen Z spend more than four hours a day on social media. Their digital saturation opens the door to unique opportunities for offline engagement.

Direct mail can capture Gen Z engagement and excite them as it’s the medium they least interact with. It gives your business the chance to break through the vast amount of digital content Gen Z consumes. Plus, it is an exciting physical touch they can look forward to receiving in the mailbox. 

Direct mail offers a unique advantage in the realm of object permanence. Unlike digital ads that can be forgotten with a click, direct mail creates a lasting impression by its very nature. A physical piece of mail can be held, touched, and revisited, providing a tangible reminder of a brand’s message. By leveraging the power of object permanence, direct mail ensures that a brand’s message remains present in the recipient’s environment, fostering a deeper and more lasting connection. 

When crafting mail pieces for Gen Z, the content should complement the digital campaign. Doing so ensures a seamless experience, drives your message home, and motivates them to act on the mail pieces’ call-to-action (CTA).

The Importance of Personalization

For Gen Z, personalization is not a luxury but an expectation. They want brands to anticipate their interests and motives to guide them to the products or content they want without obstacles. Basic marketing messages don't catch their interest; they prefer authentic brands that align with their values.

When crafting personalized direct mail, make use of their consumer data. This will help you determine which products or services they prefer. Additionally, you can learn more about their previous interactions, preferences, and behavior. 

You can also ask them what content they want to see through surveys and polls. A recent survey found that 44% of Gen Zers are willing to offer this information for a tailored experience.

Customized mail that matches their interests creates a stronger, more personal connection. A tailored mail piece will show that your brand is listening and values them, giving them a reason to stay. 

Authenticity Matters

Connecting with Gen Z requires authenticity. Brands that resonate with this generation share genuine messages and support their social and environmental beliefs. Acting on the business' beliefs and values is key to building a strong connection with this demographic.

Direct mail allows you to share information about your business, values, and the causes you support. Gen Z highly values brands that align with their interests and demonstrate a commitment to taking action. They are loyal to brands that carry out their values.

Effectiveness of Direct Mail Among Gen Z

While digital marketing remains dominant, there’s a growing appreciation for the tangible and personal nature of direct mail. Amidst the digital noise, physical mail offers a refreshing change of pace. This change is especially noticeable in Gen Z, who appreciate the novelty of mail.

The USPS reports that 72% of Gen Z would be disappointed to no longer receive mail. Gen Zers are excited to discover what the mail brings every day. 33% of Gen Zers have made purchasing decisions based on direct mail offers.

Crafting Engaging Direct Mail Campaigns

Personalization at Its Best

As mentioned, personalization plays a significant role in Gen Z engagement. Use consumer data insights to inform the design and content of mail pieces. For example, using the recipient’s name and customizing offers based on their preferences can boost engagement.

Creating Memorable Content

Memorable direct mail pieces combine creativity with relevance. Eye-catching designs, interactive elements, and unique elements or packaging can make a lasting impression. Consider using QR codes linking to exclusive online content or interactive scratch-offs that encourage engagement. The goal is to create an experience that goes beyond the ordinary, leaving a lasting impact on the recipient.

Integrating Digital and Physical Channels

An omnichannel approach that integrates both digital and physical channels can amplify the effectiveness of direct mail campaigns. For instance, the mail piece may include a unique web link called a Personalized URL (PURL). This link leads to a web page personalized to the viewer. This page may include a pre-populated form for an online event or to download valuable content. Pre-populated forms streamline the form-filling process making it easy for the user to simply click and convert. This integration ensures a unified brand experience while leveraging the strengths of both mediums.

Capture Gen Z’s Attention with Direct Mail

Marketers should not overlook sending direct mail to Gen Z, even though it may seem outdated. To understand their personal preferences, businesses can create impactful direct mail campaigns by creating personalized content and integrating digital and physical channels.

Ready to explore how direct mail can enhance your marketing strategy? Contact the marketing experts at Darwill. With 70+ years in direct mail, we can help your business reach Gen Z in new and meaningful ways.