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Darwill - Your Direct Mail Ally
Mar 13, 2024

Darwill – Your Ally in Direct Mail Innovation

Choosing the right direct mail partner is essential for the success of your campaign. Over 1,500 clients across several industries trust Darwill with their marketing campaigns. By teaming up with Darwill, you work with a marketing partner with over 70 years of expertise. Keep reading to learn how you can benefit from Darwill on your side.

The Darwill Difference for Direct Mail Innovation

Darwill offers an efficient and streamlined process every step of the way. Learning your desired results and key performance indicators (KPIs) is only the first step. From there, we plan, collaborate, and help to print your mail campaigns. Your success is our top priority; we are here to make your vision and goals a reality.

We start with consumer data and identify your audience. These insights help us understand how to nurture your existing customers. We also use this information to decide how to best bring in prospects. From there, we build data models to uncover patterns, trends, and consumer insights. These allow us to drive the campaign according to your KPIs and goals. Then, we design your campaign creative with engaging designs and strong calls-to-action (CTA). You can also browse our vast catalog of tested and proven templates. These are templates we know work, so you can rest assured knowing your campaign is ready to succeed. 

After designing your campaign, we recommend the optimal cadence for mail deployment. From there, we execute your campaign from production and delivery to meet deadlines. You can also count on us to pair our extensive range of digital services with your mail to create an integrated, omnichannel strategy.

How Darwill Stands Out

Unparalleled Expertise

Darwill boasts a team of seasoned professionals who deeply understand direct mail marketing and how it can benefit your business. We have tested and proven templates and continuously research industry trends because you deserve to have the best advice to stay ahead of the competition. You will work with our team to craft mail campaigns that achieve optimal results.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Darwill offers state-of-the-art equipment and software for your direct mail needs. You can have the flexibility and the opportunity to reduce costs with commingling. Commingling enables you to take advantage of postal discounts associated with presorted mail. Our streamlined production process ensures exceptional print quality that captivates your recipients. Sheet-fed printers, roll-fed inkjet printers, cut sheet laser printers, inserting and finishing machines, as well as bindery and fulfillment services, are at your disposal. With this technology, you get data-driven mail pieces. These pieces encourage recipient action and leave a lasting impression.


With precision and efficiency at its core, automation transforms your direct mail. This helps you deliver your campaigns with unparalleled speed and accuracy. Automation and trigger marketing streamline every aspect of the direct mail journey. Automated trigger-based campaigns allow you to send direct mail based on consumer data. This expedites campaign deployment. You can tailor each piece of mail to the recipient's preferences and behaviors. This helps to drive higher engagement and conversion rates. 

Time is money, and personalization is paramount. Automation is your key to unlocking the full potential of your direct mail marketing. 

Personalized Approach

Darwill recognizes the importance of personalization in marketing. Data Science and consumer insights allow you to tailor each campaign. This helps you resonate with each individual recipient. From variable data printing to custom elements, we add a personal touch to every piece. This personalization can foster engagement and drive conversions.

Comprehensive Solutions

Darwill offers end-to-end solutions that cover every aspect of the direct mail process. From design to printing, mailing, and analytics, we handle your campaign with care. Our goal is to take this off your plate so you can focus on other business needs while reaping the benefits of a well-executed trackable campaign. Plus, you can pair your direct mail campaign with Darwill’s digital services for better results.

Environmentally Conscious 

Darwill prints and fulfills over 600 million direct mail pieces each year. We take pride in our fast, flexible, and efficient production capabilities. But we recognize our responsibility to sustainability and our environmental impact. We strive to reduce the ecological footprint of our products and operations. We invest in recycling programs for our paper and production waste.  

Darwill is mindful when purchasing printers and inserters. We select equipment that allows for quicker manufacturing while eliminating waste. As veterans in direct marketing, our approach has always been to listen to our clients first. We want to know your campaign goals and want you to feel valued as our partner. We strive to provide exceptional results for both the business and the planet. 

It’s Time to Team Up with the Right Partner

Partnering with the right company for your direct mail is key to the success of your campaigns. Choosing a partner is not only a business decision. It's an investment in your brand's future success and growth. When you succeed, we succeed.  Trust in us and unlock the full potential of direct mail marketing. We will work with you to propel your business to new heights. Take the next step with us!