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20, Dec 2022

Superior Automation and Data Captures New Movers Before the Competition


A Midwest Home Services Company wanted to be the first to reach new prospects moving into neighborhoods the company serviced to earn their business. The client needed a partner that had technology-driven direct mail solutions that would send automatically to the new mover audience.


Darwill’s innovative automated direct mail capabilities paired with our vast new mover data offered the perfect solution for the client’s goals. Data insights provided the client with a clear view to households that recently moved into the area. Based on mover behavior data, our “set-it and forget-it” trigger program could then automatically target optimal households with the clients message and special promotion. With a data-driven trigger program, the client was able to focus efforts on other business goals while capturing leads.


The client targeted consumers that moved into their service area within the last two months. Households that qualified as “new movers” received two pieces of mail (postcard and letter). Mail pieces captivated the audience with a “welcome to the neighborhood” message along with other personalized aspects such as name and address. To further drive conversions, each mail piece contained a special “free maintenance inspection” offer. The physical offer could be kept and used within a specific timeframe in the instance that the new homeowner needed to repair or replace their HVAC systems after moving in.


By utilizing Darwill’s automated trigger program, the client was able to get their message in front of new movers before their competition. During this campaign, Darwill mailed 11,000 households based on our new mover data. The client’s budget was $6,382 and the revenue the new mover campaign achieved was $98,267 – resulting in an ROI increase of 1,439%.



Cost per booked lead


Average completed job


Revenue generated per $1 spent

Case Study

Home Services Company
  • Gain new business by targeting households that recently moved into the service area.
  • Implement an automated direct mail solution to efficiently reach new movers.

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