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Improving Marketing Workflows
Jan 24, 2023

Improve Workflows and Streamline Your Marketing Efforts

To ensure you are using effective marketing efforts, consider updating and improving your workflows. Doing this will help you continue to achieve marketing goals as technology advances, trends change, and industries evolve.

Assess your current workflows to determine what is and isn’t working. Evaluating your current strategy will unveil where changes need to be made to enhance your processes. By leveraging new technologies, automation, and data, you can optimize your campaigns and streamline your marketing efforts to create a seamless customer experience. Improving workflows will significantly benefit your company with higher conversion rates.

Get started by following Darwill’s top three workflow tips:

Assess Your Triggers

Triggers are used in automated marketing to communicate with your customers after specific events. Some examples of events include visiting a webpage, filling out an online form, or abandoning a shopping cart. These events trigger a response to be delivered, via email, direct mail, or streaming platforms based on the action taken by the customer. The customer will receive communication with relevant messaging or an offer at the right time to encourage them to reengage and complete an action.

While triggers can help you increase conversions, ensuring they are working correctly is vital. If you aren’t getting the desired results, it’s time to reassess and upgrade your triggers. To do this, you’ll need to analyze your audience. Get a sense of who your customers are, what influences them, and what they are interested in. Ask yourself, “what problems are customers solving with our products and services?” Understanding your customer will help you add personalization to your trigger messages and target them at the right time to drive conversions.

Streamline Messaging Across Channels

You can create a successful omnichannel campaign by streamlining your message across digital and traditional media. Consistency across channels will improve brand recognition and awareness and build credibility with your customers.

In addition to consistency, you should consider the type of channels you are using, when you are using them, and how they interact with one another. You can improve your efforts by incorporating both online and offline marketing that amplifies one another – leading to an increase in response. Mixing different media types in your campaign will enable you to reach customers in their mailbox, inbox, social media feed, and through streaming. For example, your customer will receive an email from your business about a product and then be served a social media ad to influence them to make a purchase.

Run Tests

We also recommend running tests to see which channels and campaigns work best for your message and target audience. When building an omnichannel strategy, you should test digital and traditional media and analyze the results. Doing so will help you understand which channels your audience prefers to be contacted on and which produce the best results.

Another test you can execute is on your campaigns. One way to test your campaigns is through an A/B test. This involves splitting your audience to try different campaign variations to see which performs better. An A/B test reveals which content, imagery, or offer achieves the best response. In this test, you have a control piece and a test piece. Half of your audience may receive the control or “version A” of the marketing piece while the other half receives the test or “version B.” Testing your campaigns with methods like A/B tests can help identify which text, image, or call-to-action (CTA) resonates best with your audience.

Elevate Your Workflow Processes with Darwill

We make it easy to improve marketing workflows and processes. Darwill’s expert team will evaluate your current efforts and campaign analytics to provide you with the best improvement recommendations. Contact us to transform your marketing.

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