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Aug 07, 2022

Health and Fitness Marketing Trends

A trend we are seeing in the health and fitness industry is wellness. Wellness focuses on being in good physical and mental health, nourishing the body through exercise, nutrition, sleep, etc. The mentality of getting in shape for appearance is shifting toward overall health both physically and mentally as these two are closely linked and can impact one another.

The pandemic has affected consumers in many ways. It has pushed us to rethink our well-being and focus on strengthening our minds and health. People aren’t just working out for the sake of their appearance. Now, they are aiming toward a better lifestyle and achieving health in multiple areas.

For this reason, gyms and clubs need to shift their messaging to focus on the importance of wellness and how it can be achieved at their establishment.

The Importance of Wellness

Wellness has gained traction over the years as people reset during the pandemic. The global wellness market has grown to be a $4.2 trillion industry. Offering and promoting wellness services is something that gyms and clubs can leverage to generate new leads and membership sales. Some wellness services that gyms and clubs may offer are hydro massage, red light therapy, cryotherapy, protein shake bars, aqua classes, and massage therapy to name a few.

Wellness is important in the fitness industry because as consumers change their buying habits and become more health conscious, gyms will need to pivot and focus on what matters most to their members.

Six Reasons Your Gym Should Focus on Wellness

Here are Darwill’s six reasons why your gym or club should focus on wellness.

  1. Attract More Members – By following the wellness trend and speaking to what people care about most, you’ll attract more health-conscious prospects to your gym. Using wellness-focused social media and advertising shows members and prospects that you are listening and actively want to help them along their fitness journey, however it may change and adapt.
  2. Builds a Community – By supporting wellness and health goals, you can help foster a member community and bring like-minded individuals together. This creates a group of people that will motivate one another and boosts loyalty in members.
  3. Positive One-On-One Experiences – Personal training creates positive one-on-one experiences. By guiding your personal trainers to shift focus to wellness and health, they can create tailored plans for the needs of members focusing on wellness. This will help to generate interest in personal training and group classes, bringing in more revenue and giving health-conscious members more service options.
  4. Increases Returning Members – By supporting the things that matter most to your members, you show that you are there for them throughout their fitness journey. Feeling support from their gym or club, members are more likely to feel motivated to return.
  5. Encourages Alumni and Former Members to Come Back  Expanding wellness services may pique the interest of gym alumni and former members. You can make it easy for them to return with no barriers to entry and offer deals such as month-to-month memberships or no enrollment fees.
  6. Builds Brand Loyalty – Showing you care about what matters to your members and incorporating services and classes for their interests helps to build brand loyalty. You can promote this messaging in your marketing efforts on social media, email, direct mail, and more.

Incorporate Wellness in Your Marketing Today

Need help modifying your messaging to stay current with health and fitness trends? Darwill is here to help. We create custom campaigns for your gym or club based on your overall goal. Our proven campaigns will help attract more members, build brand loyalty, and nurture a health-conscious community. Contact Mike Mills for help!

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