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Direct Mail Tips to Attract and Retain Hearing Care Patients
Dec 05, 2023

Direct Mail Tips to Attract and Retain Hearing Care Patients

Attracting new patients and retaining existing ones is crucial for the success of your hearing care practice. To succeed in the competitive audiology industry, effective direct mail marketing is an essential part of your marketing strategy.

In this blog, we asked Brad Dodson, an Account Executive at Darwill, for his expert advice on hearing care marketing strategies that could complement a hearing clinic's digital marketing plans. Dodson has specialized in hearing care marketing for 18 years and works with small independent practice owners and large nationwide groups. He recommends including a good mix of prospecting, patient newsletters, and automated patient and prospect remarketing in your hearing practice's direct mail strategy.

Keep reading to learn about these key direct mail strategies that will help attract and retain patients, leading to more booked appointments and higher revenue.

Direct Mail

In this digital age, it's easy to overlook traditional marketing methods like direct mail, but incorporating them into your marketing strategy can be highly effective. Annual mail marketing plans that include a well-balanced mix of prospecting, patient newsletters, automated patient remarketing tactics, and prospect automation strategies can yield significant benefits for hearing care practices.


Direct mail remains a valuable tool for prospecting, as it allows practices to reach potential patients in a tangible and personalized way. By using data models and performance-based targeting strategies, you can introduce your practice's services and build a deeper relationship with potential new candidates in your community. This method helps create a lasting impression and has a higher chance of being remembered.

Patient Newsletters

Patient newsletters, sent periodically through direct mail, can play a vital role in patient retention. They help to:

  • Provide an opportunity to educate and engage your existing patients.
  • Keep patients informed about hearing health advancements.
  • Highlight new services and special promotions.

This not only fosters a sense of loyalty but also ensures that your hearing care practice remains top of mind when patients consider their hearing care needs.

Automated Patient & Prospect Marketing

Automated patient remarketing through direct mail is an efficient way to remind patients about upcoming appointments, hearing aid maintenance, and the importance of regular check-ups. Automated direct mail pieces can be sent through Darwill’s trigger marketing campaigns. For example, we can send a patient a “Just Treated” or “Just Sold” triggered piece to thank them for completing an appointment or buying a hearing aid. In this piece, you can also inform them of any next appointment steps or other relevant details related to their care. This proactive approach shows patients that your practice values their well-being, and it can significantly reduce no-show rates by automating appointment reminders while increasing patient satisfaction.

Automation is also great for prospecting. Prospect automation strategies, such as personalized follow-up mailers to individuals who have inquired about your services, can help convert leads into patients. “New Mover” triggers also perform very well when it comes to targeting new prospects moving to the area. Your practice needs to target this audience because they will be searching for a new hearing care provider as they move. A well-structured direct mail campaign can nurture these prospects and ultimately guide them toward making an appointment. 

Loyalty & Referral Programs

Lastly, consider implementing a direct mail loyalty program to reward your existing patients. Offer discounts on follow-up appointments, hearing aid maintenance, or batteries to encourage patients to return for ongoing care. By showing appreciation for their loyalty, you can boost patient retention.

Another opportunity your practice can take advantage of is asking current patients for referrals. It's simple; if you don't ask your patients, you won't get any referrals. Dodson states, "Referral programs can easily be automated and are inexpensive marketing programs that provide long-lasting benefits and ROI to practices." It's important to remember that referral programs are only effective if you provide exemplary care and stand out above your competition in patient experience. So, be sure to deliver great care that's worth talking about, and let your current patients do the rest when it comes to referrals.

Welcome New Patients and Retain Existing Ones

Using the right marketing strategies for your hearing care practice is crucial to attracting and retaining patients. A well-rounded annual mail marketing plan can significantly benefit your practice. By harnessing the power of direct mail in your marketing strategy, you can attract new patients while nurturing and retaining your current ones, ultimately leading to increased business success and patient satisfaction. Ask the experts at Darwill how to get started; contact us here.

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