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Major Marketing Components
Nov 28, 2022

10 Major Components to Include in Your Next Marketing Campaign

When crafting a marketing campaign, there are key elements you'll want to include to ensure they are the most effective they can be. Hitting all the major components will allow your campaigns to produce successful results and generate revenue for your business.

Planning a campaign with Darwill's 10 recommended major components is key to making the most significant impact. You should consider the following list of components when it comes to putting together a marketing campaign.


The quality of your data will largely impact the success of your campaign. Darwill's Data Science team will enrich your database with accurate, clean data to precisely target the best customers. An enhanced list enables us to build dynamic data models to learn more about your customers and locate prospects with the highest propensity to convert.


Based on consumer data and gaining insight from your enhanced database, you can determine your target audience and the consumer list to use. For your campaign, you'll need to decide if you are using an existing customer list or a prospect list. Using a cleansed data list will ensure that you are marketing to qualified recipient addresses with relevant messaging about your products or services. 


Another factor in selecting your list is segmentation. Segmentation will help break up the list even more to become more targeted. This is important as it will offer your customers and prospects a more personalized marketing experience. You'll get a better view of what your customers look like and how they behave to best market to their interests. Darwill's Data Science team will also create customer profiles to create a "picture" of your customers based on data to identify and reach your ideal customers.


When it comes to the design of your direct mail, email, or digital ad, you'll want it to be eye-catching and engaging. Think about the layout, font, brand colors, logo, CTA, and imagery. Does the design make sense for the channels you are utilizing? Personalization will also be necessary, as 80% of consumers are more likely to buy from a company that provides a tailored experience. You can include the customer's name, address, and personalized offer in the mail or digital ad.


A great offer can help boost conversions. Think about the action you want the customer or prospect to take. If you want them to convert, an exceptional offer or coupon can drive them to the finish line. Giving them an offer they can't refuse is great for incentivizing them to respond.


Darwill will help you analyze your list to see what channels your target audience uses most. Selecting frequented channels will give you the best opportunity to reach them. We recommend an omnichannel approach to build a bridge between direct mail and digital marketing. Using traditional and digital together creates a cohesive brand experience, and multichannel campaigns earn a 287% higher purchase rate. Using direct mail, email, social media ads, display ads, and streaming ads together works better than a single-channel approach.


When it comes to direct mail, you should think about the best format for your message. Does your message warrant a letter, postcard, newsletter, or trifold mailer? It may not seem essential, but each format has a purpose, and selecting the right one for your message is crucial to its effectiveness.


How often are you reaching out to customers and prospects? You'll want to find the sweet spot, as under-marketing and overmarketing can have adverse effects. How frequently you communicate and when (day and time) will matter to the consumer. You want to keep your brand relevant and in front of them without overwhelming or irritating them.  


The message is what you want to communicate to the customer or prospect. Do you have an upcoming sale? A new store location or product? Think about the tone in which the message is delivered. Is it an informational message, or can it be more humorous?


How did your campaign do? Understanding how it performed will give you great insight into what works and what doesn't. This knowledge can be utilized for the next campaign for even more success. Did you meet your goals? Did consumers engage? Did sales increase? Darwill can help walk you through your campaign results and make future recommendations based on the reporting.

Include Darwill in Your Next Campaign

The most crucial component is partnering with an expert marketing team. Darwill is here to guide you in building successful campaigns that improve ROI and increase revenue. Let us help you implement the right components in your next campaign. Let's Get Started!

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