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This tools is just for demo site.

Convert web visitors into customers through any channel. Visitors to your website are no longer anonymous. Through Rapid Retargeting, Darwill can look-up visitors' IP addresses and run the data through a "reverse IP append" algorithm. This allows us to collect information on the active buyer and send them targeted direct mail pieces, email, social media ads and even OTT ads.

How Rapid Retargeting Works

  1. Active buyer browses your website

  2. We capture the active buyer’s IP address

  3. We find additional information on the active buyer through our reverse IP append algorithm

  4. With the data found we can target the active buyer with direct mail, email, social media ads, OTT ads and more

  5. We analyze your data and provide you with results

Active buyer visits your website, then receives targeted marketing related to what they were looking at:


Rapid Retargeting


Target only local, active buyers

IP append algorithm finds additional information on the customer

Streamlines marketing spend

Market to your website visitors with relevant, targeted messages.

Darwill helps turn traffic into ROI with our exclusive program.

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