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Dental Patient Testimonials
Jan 24, 2024

Harness the Power of Patient Testimonials: A Must-Have for Dental Marketing

It's no secret that potential patients look at reviews to help choose a dental care provider. There’s no better way to demonstrate trust, credibility, and quality than with testimonials. They are the best way to showcase real patient results and reviews. 

Testimonials from patients resonate on an emotional level. This makes them powerful assets in marketing. In this blog, we talk about how important patient testimonials are. We then provide a guide on how to incorporate them into your dental marketing strategy.

Why Use Patient Testimonials 

Patient Testimonials Increase Credibility

Patient testimonials have several benefits for dental practices. For one, they increase a practice's credibility. When new patients look for a new dentist, credibility is an important part of their decision. Having a patient testimonial on your website or social media page can serve as a form of social proof. They allow potential patients to better trust and choose your practice.

Testimonials Show the Quality of Services Provided

Patient testimonials prove that a dental practice delivers excellent services to its clients. Patients tend to share their experiences when they are either very happy or very upset. Use your positive reviews to highlight the great patient experiences. Potential patients will see the value in these services and opt for your dental practice. 

How To Use Patient Testimonials in Marketing

The first step to using patient testimonials and reviews is permission. You need to get written consent from each patient before using their review. Consent is needed for use on your website, in print, or in digital ads. You will also need consent from those who leave online reviews. Even though the online review is on your Google Business Listing, it belongs to the person who wrote it. To use these, Google advises to reply to customer reviews to ask the person if you can use it in your marketing. Google cannot provide you with extra contact information. We encourage you to review HIPAA marketing guidelines. You need to comply and protect your patient's personal health information.

After collecting reviews, it is crucial to use them in your omnichannel marketing. Here are some examples of incorporating testimonials and reviews:

  • Feature testimonials and patient quotes on the homepage of your website. You can also create a page on the website to showcase all your patient testimonials. This page can include written testimonials and photos or videos of satisfied patients. This gives it a personal touch. Online reputation management tools such as ReviewTrackers gather your reviews. This reduces the work required from your team.
  • Share testimonials across your social media profiles. Include visual content, like before-and-after photos and positive patient stories. These can engage and attract a broader audience.
  • Use patient testimonials in direct mail, such as postcards or flyers. Feature a headline that captures attention and emphasizes the impact of your services. Highlight a satisfied patient’s quote. Include a call-to-action (CTA) to get them to schedule an appointment.
  • Incorporate patient testimonials into email marketing campaigns. Share success stories or highlight specific services through patient feedback. This can encourage trust and interest from potential patients.
  • Create blog posts that feature patient testimonials and success stories. This provides valuable content for the website and other marketing channels. It also helps potential patients relate to the positive experiences of others.

Darwill Helps Dental Practices Use Testimonials

Dental practices can build trust, credibility, and attract patients by using patient testimonials. These are testimonials written by your patients talking about your services. Why wouldn't you use this to your advantage? The dental marketing experts at Darwill can use your testimonials to target prospects. See a rise in patient volume with Darwill’s marketing.