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Millennials, mobile and direct mail
Jul 06, 2017

Personalization: Millennials, Mobile, and Direct Mail

Updated July 28, 2023

Personalization continues to be the driving force behind new marketing technologies and, fortunately, Millennials not only expect personalization, they welcome it. Marketers will continue to spend more on personalization, as Millennials embrace this form of marketing.

Spending on Personalization

Many companies are already spending more than half of their budgets on personalization efforts today. Overall, the increases in personalization spending are going up in single digits, while the number of marketers who don’t use personalization is going down consistently.

Recent research shows that:

Darwill is at the leading edge of this trend, with personalized mobile and variable printing offerings. Our cutting-edge printing technology easily allows you to leverage your data, and personalize campaigns with high-quality, variable, and full-color text/images on envelopes to increase response. Plus, we can integrate your campaign with digital channels to reach consumers 1:1 with their customized message.

Mobile trends

As expected, mobile marketing continues to grow, as consumers of all ages and demographics use smartphones. 85% of Americans now own a smartphone. If you aren't using mobile marketing, you could be missing out on a huge opportunity. You have to go where your audience is!

Mobile marketing has become a dominant force in the advertising landscape, continuously evolving to meet consumer demands and technological advancements. As of 2023, several mobile marketing trends are reshaping the way brands engage with their target audiences. Personalization remains a key focus, with companies leveraging AI-driven data analytics to deliver tailored content and offers based on user behavior and preferences. 

Personalize Direct Mail and Mobile Ads with Darwill

Contact the marketing experts at Darwill to find out how we can help your business align with best practices for personalization in your direct mail, digital, and mobile strategy.