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17, Jan 2024

Family-Owned Dental Practice Attracts New Patients with Targeted Geo-Fencing


A family-owned dental practice wanted to increase its brand awareness by highlighting its list of services to attract new patients, particularly families with children. The client recruited Darwill to utilize addressable geo-fencing and other programmatic tactics to reach its local target audience and track physical conversions to its office more precisely.


To achieve their goal, Darwill recommended using a strategy consisting of addressable geo-fencing, search retargeting, keyword contextual targeting, site retargeting, and category contextual targeting.

Using our addressable geo-fencing tools, Darwill curated a custom audience segment of households within the dental office's service area that housed parents with children between 4 and 18 years old. This smart technology identified the exact shape and size of each property and automatically drew geo-fences around the addresses to target users at the household level. We then drew a conversion zone around the client’s location to track the number of parents who were targeted with an ad that later visited the office in person.

To ensure top performance, Darwill monitored and optimized the campaign by making changes to the keyword recency setting by lowering the retargeting window from two weeks to one week. This ensured that the campaign reached its audience promptly.


Thus far, this campaign is responsible for generating 588 office visits and 72 website visits, amounting to a CPA of $0.99. It’s also seen a geo-conversion lift of 107%. This represents the surge in visits the campaign generated from the targeted households. Additionally, the campaign has achieved a CTR of 0.15%, exceeding the industry’s average CTR of 0.10%.

Case Study

Dental Care Provider
  • Increase brand awareness and attract new patients.
  • Implement a strategy that would help precisely reach their target audience.
  • Track marketing efforts to physical in-office conversions.