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12, Dec 2022

Enhanced Workflow to Increase Relevance and Response Rates


Before partnering with Darwill, the client used a traditional two-step workflow in which four-color shells were printed, warehoused, and then overprinted with black-and-white variable data as needed. This was both time-consuming and expensive for the mailings of Mastercard credit cards on behalf of 60+ credit unions. The client needed to find a better way to produce these mailings and find a partner that could handle the task. 


Darwill’s combination of high-speed inkjet technology and new online tools radically transformed the client’s workflow. By implementing our Océ ColorStream 3500 Inkjet Printing System and Insite workflow solution, we could help the client efficiently and effectively produce mailings while also simplifying the proofing process. 


By utilizing our Océ ColorStream 3500 Inkjet Printing System, we were able to implement a "white paper in" workflow in which all the mail versions and personalization could promptly be produced in full color. No more shells, no more warehousing. Just white paper in, full-color personalized documents out. Detailed welcome kits, personalized down to the state regulatory level, are customized inline.

When combined with our Insite workflow solution and online proofing, the advantages deepened. Centralized assets and pre-approved templates stored and managed through the Insite platform gave the client the ability to create versions for its many partners more quickly and easily, while still giving them the ability to maintain consistent branding and content.


With Darwill’s help, the client elevated their past workflow while also saving time and money. The client could quickly print their mailings and have all their assets in one place to ensure brand consistency. The client also gained the ability to test messages, designs, and colors based on the customer profile. This increased both relevance and response rates.


"We’ve been really impressed with the quality and the ease of working with Darwill. One of our favorite things about working with them is their Insite system and their entire proofing process. We’re excited to see what we can accomplish together in the future."

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