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Automated Trigger Mail
Oct 13, 2022

Succeed with Automated Trigger-based Direct Mail Campaigns

Enhancing your direct mail strategy with automated trigger-based campaigns gives you a unique opportunity to reach customers as they move through the customer lifecycle. Trigger-based mail maximizes conversions because it allows you to communicate with a customer or prospect at the right time with the right message.

Consumer actions and buying behaviors trigger the automatic mail to deploy. Using sophisticated consumer data, we know in real-time when a customer makes a purchase, visits your website, or has a life event. For example, if a consumer visits your website and clicks on a product, we can follow up with mail related to the product that influences them to make a purchase.

When you send tailored mail based on the consumer's behaviors, they are more likely to engage, respond, and convert. Personalizing your direct mail to the consumer's actions can increase the response rate of trigger-based campaigns by up to 500%. Whether you want to gain or retain customers, trigger-based mail influences the consumer to take action.

Darwill offers trigger-based campaigns that have delivered success to clients across industries. Below we've detailed 5 of our popular campaigns from our extensive list of automated triggers.

New Customer Trigger

Nurture new customer relationships by acknowledging and thanking them for their purchase. These letters are well-accepted by new customers after making their purchase or converting. An example of this trigger is for new gym members that purchase a membership. In this case, we can thank the new member for joining the gym and provide them with information about personal training, classes, hours, and more.

New Mover Trigger

New mover triggers are perfect for businesses looking to increase local leads and customers. These triggers target households that just moved or are about to move into the neighborhood. New movers spend 3-4 months researching services before moving. It’s crucial to get your brand in front of them during this time as 90% of new movers are willing to try a new brand for items or services. With pre-mover data, we can reach new movers before your competition and earn their business.

Life Event Trigger

Life event triggers recognize the special occasions in your customer's life. Darwill can help you reach customers when they get married, have a child, graduate college, have a new driver in the household, and more! All this information can be uncovered through our sophisticated data sources. One example of this trigger that every customer will experience is their birthday. Sending birthday cards with personalized messages shows that you care and build loyal customer relationships. Along with sending a life event card, you can include a coupon or offer to make the customer feel extra special and noticed by your business.

Appointment Reminders

Appointment reminders are another popular trigger we offer clients, especially those in healthcare. These postcards inform patients of upcoming or missed appointments and can remind them to schedule an outstanding appointment. Utilizing these triggers will lead your practice to fill up your appointment schedule and retain patients.

Loyalty Programs

Our loyalty program triggers, enhance and expand your customer value proposition. This trigger program encourages customers to sign up for rewards. The campaign's message explains the benefits of being a loyal customer, the rewards they can earn, and membership levels. A significant 37% of shoppers are willing to spend more on premium loyalty programs, making it imperative to market your loyalty program to customers.

Ready to Automate Your Direct Mail?

Take extra work off your plate by implementing Darwill's set-and-forget trigger campaigns into your direct mail strategy. Integrating direct mail with innovative marketing technology allows data-driven, automated messaging to target the right customers at the right time, improving response rates. Learn more with Darwill.

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