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Navigating Envelope Challenges
Oct 12, 2021

Does Limited Paper Mean New Opportunities?

If you have not yet experienced the side effects of the paper shortage, you may need to start preparing in advance. While some marketers may feel the negative impacts of the paper shortage, Darwill sees this as a time to help clients explore different opportunities in these challenging times.

As marketers are talking with their clients about the paper shortage, they should consider next steps and other channels. Darwill has identified three areas that could benefit marketers during this time; mail to a more targeted list, plan in advance and explore new formats. These will help continue to get the most out of their spend and see results.

Mail Less, Get More Targeted

Consider taking a closer look at your data. You may find that you don’t need to send mass mail to every contact on your list. With limited supply, it is imperative to shift your focus and spend on the right resources to target the right people.

This is a time where you should market to the lowest cost leads first. Focusing on leads that will deliver the best results, you’ll find that you won’t need to mail as much to still see results. Mailing to a more targeted list betters results and decreases the amount of paper needed.

Plan Far in Advance

Until there is more information on when we can expect the shortage to end, we encourage marketers to plan ahead. Take this time to map out plans for the next few months. Have conversations with your marketing team and paper supplier to discuss next steps. Work together to find creative ways to overcome the shortage.

Think about how you’re currently communicating to your audience and how you can take this time to improve upon it. Having a plan in place will ease stress and keep you on track each month until the shortage improves.

Explore New Formats

This is a great time to explore new formats that you may not have considered before. For example, if you always mail letters, try switching to postcards as the resources for other formats may not be as impacted by the shortage. 

Not only may resources for other formats be easier to get, but it’s also a good time to try something new. Take advantage of this time to try new formats and analyze the results. You may discover that another format outperforms your current control camping.

Darwill Can Help You

While we wait for the paper shortage to end, we encourage you to think of your next steps. Take this opportunity to consider new ways to market. Darwill is happy to discuss new options and how to navigate the paper shortage to get the most out of the resources available. Let’s start the conversation, contact your Darwill account executive today.

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