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Boost Conversions with Omnichannel Marketing
Feb 15, 2024

Boost Conversions with Omnichannel Marketing and Sequences

Omnichannel marketing is a powerful strategy for turning potential leads into customers. When building an omnichannel approach, it is essential to experiment with different channels and communication sequences. This experimentation will unveil the most effective methods for conversion and achieving your business goals.

What Does Omnichannel Mean?

Omnichannel involves engaging with consumers through various channels to establish a cohesive brand experience. Research indicates that 75% of consumers expect a consistent brand experience across every channel they choose to engage with. In an omnichannel approach, marketers strategically connect with consumers through email, digital ads, direct mail, and more, facilitating broad-reaching awareness and guiding them through the conversion funnel.

Implementing an omnichannel strategy allows businesses to experiment and learn what tactics yield the best results. This flexibility allows for risk-taking and testing diverse methods to expand reach and enhance campaign performance. Campaigns utilizing more than one channel can increase engagement by more than 300%. Furthermore, brands with omnichannel customer engagement see a 9.5% yearly increase in annual revenue.

In addition to omnichannel campaigns, marketers can leverage communication sequences to effectively connect with prospects. Exploring sequences in conjunction with omnichannel marketing further enhances the overall strategy.

What is a Sequence?

A sequence, also called a drip campaign, entails a meticulously planned series of communications or touchpoints sent to contacts at predetermined intervals based on their activities. These touchpoints commonly include emails, phone calls, and direct messages through social media. The makeup of a sequence is typically tailored to align with business or campaign objectives. Experimenting with diverse sequences in tandem with marketing across multiple channels proves advantageous in enhancing engagement and eliciting responses, ultimately leading to increased conversions. 

Here is an example of a sequence:

Day 1: An email is sent, followed up by a phone call.
Day 3: A letter is sent in the mail that builds upon the first touchpoint.
Day 5: A phone call is initiated, and a voicemail is left upon no answer.
Day 8: A follow-up email is sent, building upon the last communication.
Day 10: A postcard is sent as a reminder of the last communication.
Day 12: A follow-up email is sent, and a phone call is complete, or a voicemail is left.

The duration of these sequences varies, ranging from a minimum of 10 days to 20 or more. This is based on the business strategy or campaign goals. Each step within the sequence builds upon the previous, creating a cohesive message. Exploring different sequences with varying communication patterns aids in identifying the most effective approach for driving conversions.

Increase Conversions with Omnichannel Marketing and Sequences

Utilizing an omnichannel strategy paired with sequences ensures continuous connectivity between your business and the target audience. Since 72% of customers prefer engaging with brands through multiple channels before purchasing, integrating this approach becomes essential for maximizing overall ROI.

Darwill specializes in assisting businesses of all sizes to implement omnichannel marketing and identify optimal communication sequences. This involves thoroughly analyzing consumer data and CRM or POS data to pinpoint relevant prospective customers. With this data, we can find what channels are commonly used amongst your target audience and gather information on any previous engagements. These insights help us tailor marketing efforts for deployment across the most effective channels.

We then recommend and test various communication sequences to find the receptivity of prospects, aiming to uncover the ideal communication cadence. Cadence determines the suitable number of messages to send to keep your brand on top of mind without exhausting the prospect. Once the right cadence is identified, Darwill tests and monitors its performance to ensure sustained ROI. If anything shifts in the cadence, we analyze results and data to update it and keep it in the profitable zone.

It's important to remember that not every prospect is active on every channel. However, that is the advantage of an omnichannel approach. Even if prospects are active on only a few channels, this approach enables them to discover your brand in the most convenient way for them.

Build an Omnichannel Approach with Darwill Today

Are you uncertain about the channels to utilize to reach your audience? Allow us to assist you in identifying your target audience and crafting an omnichannel marketing campaign along with a tailored communication sequence aligned with your goals. Leveraging data and our proven marketing strategies, Darwill is well-equipped to enhance your conversion rates. Contact us today and take the first step toward optimizing your marketing approach!

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