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Social Media Trends to Leverage
Jan 27, 2023

4 Social Media Trends Marketers Should Leverage

As trends and consumer expectations change, marketers will adapt and alter their social media strategies to align with audience needs. Marketers need to analyze what's driving audience behavior and where their brand stands in the mix. Once you understand these insights, you can determine which social trends to leverage for your brand.

We've compiled a list of 4 social media trends to consider adding to your social media strategy. When you're ready, we'll help you implement them to strengthen customer loyalty, brand awareness, engagement, and conversions.

Edutainment Content

This year, we'll see more brands get in on "edutainment." Edutainment is the term for entertaining, informative content. Brands are seeing positive engagement with content that is educational and worthy of saving. Short-form video pairs perfectly with this type of content as it allows for enjoyable videos that provide fun facts, tutorials, or explainers that thrive on social media. Through edutainment videos, you can demonstrate your brand's value by answering questions and explaining how your products or services can help solve consumer problems. Get started by combing through your FAQs and inbound social messages to find common questions or discussion topics that can be addressed in an informative video.

Engaging Video

Video isn't going away any time soon, with the average American watching 80 minutes of TikTok every day. Video has become increasingly popular as consumers want to view quick content and swipe to the next video within seconds. You can help your company stand out on social channels with video by investing in video production and staff. Forward-thinking brands will spend time mapping out their video content plan and pushing out fun, informative content consumers crave.

Brands aren't the only ones creating video content. Consumers take to platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels to review or promote products. As a marketer, consider teaming up your brand with an influencer. In 2022, influencer content was watched 13.2 times more than media and brand content. Influencer collaborations are an excellent opportunity to take advantage of as they generate more engagement and allow you to reach new audiences.

Experiment with New Networks

Whether it's an existing platform you aren't currently using or a brand-new social network, it may be time to create new accounts. As core networks make significant updates and changes, some consumers may feel deprioritized and begin the hunt to join a new social network. To find out if a new account is a proper fit, we recommend polling your audience to gauge their interest in preferred social networks. Dig into social listening and sentiment to understand the conversation around a specific network and how your audience feels. If these insights align with your audience preferences, it's time to add a social network to your social media strategy. Keep tabs on your audience and follow them along their journey in exploring new platforms to understand where your brand and content need to be.

Employee advocacy

Your staff is a hidden gem that can be tapped into. Ask your staff to be your brand advocates. Employee advocacy programs have helped many companies see an increase in brand awareness, and they can even produce better, qualified job applicants. Consumers like to align themselves with brands that treat their employees right. Have your staff share their stories, work accomplishments, and more to help promote your company and improve brand sentiment. Supply your team with suggested topics to discuss and guide them in what they can say. Doing so will help them produce content and allow you to maintain some control to ensure that what is said will help you reach your advocacy goals.

Keeping Trending with Darwill

Social media trends come and go. It may be hard to understand which best aligns with your brand needs. No matter the trend, Darwill is here to put you on the map. Our expert digital marketing team studies social media trends, and we think ahead to create content that gets you noticed and reaches your audience. Let us implement and manage your social media strategy. Connect with us today!

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