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Darwill is a trusted marketing partner with expertise in data science, direct and digital marketing, creative, production, and reporting. Our approach is to listen to your goals and utilize our vast consumer data and analytics to understand your audience. From there our expert team builds data-driven campaigns to ensure positive results - making your vision a reality.

Powerful Data

From machine learning data models to leveraging consumer data - we utilize high-quality data insights to bring you success.


Enhance the power of your advertising with our seasoned direct marketing designers.

Campaign Execution

Our predictive models and robust data insights are used to create top performing omnichannel campaigns.

Reporting and Analytics

Measure response and analyze the data to drive success.

Data - It All Starts Here

The success of your campaign is dependent on the quality of your data. Our Data Science team enhances your database with accurate, clean, and secure data to precisely target the best customers.

Once lists are cleaned and enhanced, we build dynamic data models to learn more about your customers and locate prospects with the highest propensity to convert. Plus, we can easily integrate with CRMs and POS systems to strengthen the models, increasing response rates - ultimately leading to higher ROI.

Data Sources

Darwill utilizes the following data sources to help you to craft successful, highly targeted campaigns:

  • First-party Data - Information a company directly collects from its customers and owns.
  • Second-party Data - Information that is acquired from a trusted partner, like Darwill.
  • Third-party Data - Information that is collected by a separate entity, typically purchased.
  • Zero-party Data - Data that the customer intentionally and proactively shares with a company.
  • National Consumer Files - Darwill has two national installs of consumer files, Acxiom and V12, which give us access to over 345 million unique individuals we can market to. Plus, we maintain partnerships with a larger number of specialty data providers giving us access to even more records.
  • Location Data - Information about the specific geographical location of the device being used by a consumer.


Targeted Messaging

Personalized Marketing

Targeted Messaging

Targeted Messaging

Targeted Messaging

Optimal Cadence

Data Models & Validation

Once we have the lists you want us to market to, we use data mining to clean and enhance them. Doing this enables us to sort through large data sets to identify patterns and relationships to predict future trends and help direct you in making better-informed marketing decisions. Removing any duplicates, invalid information, updating contacts where needed and more. We then build predictive data models to help you define what your ideal customer looks like and then locate prospects with the highest propensity to convert.

These models are built using the most effective techniques from the fields of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. They are highly targeted and assign individualized scores to individual people rather than working at the household/address, carrier route or city/county/zip code level.

Predictive Models include:

  • Customer look-a-like models
  • Response models
  • Customer models
  • Uplift models
  • Specialized models for particular industries

To build robust models, we first look to your customer data. It is beneficial to have three to five years of historical customer data to design the most effective model.

Our models then rely on access to high-quality data. Darwill houses two national installs of demographic, financial, psycographic, and geographic data which is used to enhance your data. This makes for an even more accurate model!

Finally, the data models are trained and validated before deployment using hold-out techniques for a true read on their generalizability and performance. Our Data Science team also monitors and dynamically updates the models as we see who responds and who doesn't in live marketing campaigns - ensuring models always stay fresh and current with the realities of the market place and competitive landscape.


Reporting & Analytics

For every campaign we build, we collect results and give you a full view of your campaign with real-time reporting across all channels.

We'll help walk you through the results and draw conclusions about the information gained. From there, we make educated campaign recommendations based on the report.

Learn more about Darwill's advanced Reporting.

Secure Data

Darwill takes data security seriously. How we collect and use consumer data is audited and reviewed annually to ensure we meet and exceed compliance.

We continually invest in technology to properly and safely house data. Additionally, our teams are routinely trained on our data integrity protocols and only approved staff members have access to client data.


Creative - Eye-catching Designs and Copy

Enhance the power of your advertising with our seasoned direct marketing designers. Whether we are creating collateral from scratch or are working with your existing marketing and design team or agency partner, we’re here to ensure a flawless campaign that achieves the desired results.

Services include:

  • Copywriting
  • Format selection
  • Layout
  • A/B multivariate testing
  • Graphic and digital design

Automated Marketing - Set and Forget Campaigns

By integrating your CRM or POS data with Darwill, we have the ability to set automated campaigns. Data drives these "set and forget" campaigns so you don't have to worry about them.

Based on the action or behavior of the consumer, data is collected and notifies our systems. This notification tells us what action was taken and what marketing piece needs to send out to hit the customer with relevant and timely messaging.

Learn more about our automated Trigger Marketing and Rapid Retargeting.

Campaign Execution - Full-Circle Omnichannel Marketing

Convert new customers and nurture existing ones with Darwill. Digital or direct mail, we guide your campaigns from inception to conversion. We utilize the insights gained from our impressive, machine learning data models to build the right omnichannel campaigns to meet and exceed your business goals. We're the full-service company you've been looking for.

Digital Marketing

Darwill's digital marketing efforts help you reach your customers and prospects across multiple channels. Whether they're on their mobile phone, laptop, TV, tablet, or other device, we can reach them with targeted marketing.

Data informs us as to where customers are spending their time on your website, what products they are interested, what time of day their are online, and more. We use this information to accurately target customers across channels. Through data we can even find prospects that "look like" your current customers and include them in your digital targeting strategy.

Our digital efforts help you spend less and maintain high conversion rates by serving marketing messages to those that are most likely to convert.

Darwill's Digital Capabilities:

  • TV Streaming Ads
  • Display Advertising
  • Social Media Ads
  • Paid Search
  • Email Marketing
  • Website Optimization

Direct Mail

Darwill's direct mail turnaround times are some of the best in the industry - even for the most complex projects. Since 1951, Darwill has answered the direct mail needs of customers nationwide. But we’re not some stodgy print shop – Darwill continually invests in innovative technologies to offer direct mail solutions that drive conversion and save you money.

Thanks to our informative data, we perfectly pair mail campaigns with your digital campaigns to create a cohesive brand message and awareness across all platforms. Our eye-catching designs and copy encourage customers and prospects to engage with the piece and take action. We track phone calls, how many people scanned QR codes or visited url links included on the piece. This helps us understand your customers and create future campaigns to continually bring in positive results.

Darwill's Direct Mail Capabilities:

  • Roll-to-roll or roll-to-sheet capability
  • Laser and inkjet personalization
  • Postal optimization
  • Match mailing technologies
  • High Capacity (up to 22,000 per hour)
  • Digital 4-color variable data printing
  • Electronic Prepress
  • Logistics management
  • Single production runs
  • IMB barcodes to track mail & gather actionable data

Reporting - Quantifiable Analytics

Our strategy is driven by data, and our results are proven by data. Our advanced reporting tools give you quantifiable feedback on every integrated marketing campaign, proving exactly what return you are getting for your investment.

Reporting and AnalyticsUnique call tracking numbers measure response on all campaigns, and we can trace the path from lead to sale, calculating a cost per appointment (CPA) and cost per sale (CPS).

Our advanced reporting portal details:

  • Year over year performance
  • Cost per appointment by campaign piece
  • Geo maps and trend lines

The best practices equal the best results.

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