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Visitors to your website are no longer anonymous. Imagine if you could automatically respond to qualifying website traffic with a personalized message, just days after they hit your site! Well, now it’s possible. Darwill can look-up visitors' IP addresses and run them through a ”reverse append” algorithm to determine their physical home address. This allows us to send targeted direct mail pieces to people who have already shown interest in your brand and are actively pursuing your product or service.

How Reverse IP Append Works

  1. Active buyer browses your website

  2. We capture the active buyer’s IP address

  3. We locate the active buyer’s home address through a reverse IP append algorithm

  4. Mail the active buyer a targeted direct mail piece. Also send a Digital Display Ad to the buyer’s mobile device (optional)

  5. We analyze your data and provide you with results

Active buyer visits your website, then receives a targeted direct mail piece:


Target only local, active buyers

IP data is processed to append home addresses

Streamlines marketing spend

Market to your website visitors with relevant, targeted messages.

Darwill helps turn traffic into ROI with our exclusive program.

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