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Direct Mail Process

Darwill circulates over 400 million pieces of direct mail per year and is unmatched in our experience. We are a full-service partner that can execute every aspect of your direct mail campaign and have large scale learnings in almost every industry. Because direct mail remains the highest converting media channel for consumers, it’s the foundation of our multi-channel strategy. Our Direct Mail process is to analyze, produce, then test.




Darwill’s in-house data scientist begins by analyzing your customer file and building customer profiles.


Our creative professionals utilize their design expertise and our advanced technological capabilities to set your campaign up for success.


We conduct multi-variate testing against your control to achieve increased response.

We build predictive models to target the prospects that are similar to your current customers. Then we give you a mailing list that is customized, targeted to match other avenues, and offers the best returns on your investment. For mailings to your customer base, we can help you dive in deeper and provide valuable segmentation for appropriate messaging across audiences for increased personalization and conversion.

Our experienced creative team will work to help you define your campaign. With our advanced, four-color variable data technology, we can consolidate complex campaigns in to a single run. Postage and shipping are taken care of directly from our warehouse, and then your pieces are delivered straight into the hands of your prospects.

We help you measure the success of your campaign through customized reporting. Your dedicated account manager will meet with you to interpret the data and show you the campaign’s quantifiable success.


Minimize the partners you manage.

Call Darwill for strategy, data, creative, production and reporting solutions for omnichannel campaigns.

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