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With our full HIPPA compliancy, Darwill is the trusted partner to handle integrated marketing services for the healthcare industry. From health care providers, to pharmacies, and hospitals, Darwill conducts a range of secure, personalized digital and direct mail campaigns to employees, patients and prospective patients.

Success Study


Darwill leveraged our deep experience in integrated marketing, direct mail,  and personalized digital printing technologies to help Evive Health address all its communications challenges.

Evive Health, LLC provides personalized health communications to a variety of organizations, encouraging employees to take control of their own health through preventive care. Confidential employee data drives personalized content to addresses each individual’s unique health care needs.

The Darwill team provided Evive Health with a range of creative interactive formats, including personalized appointment stickers and window decals that remind people to exercise. Our proven production workflows enabled Evive Health to test the effectiveness of different formats, on schedule and on budget. And Darwill’s automated data processing workflows and intelligent inserting equipment ensure 100% mailing accuracy and 100% security and HIPPA compliance.


  • Reduced cost per piece through effective production techniques and mail co-mingling to quality for lower postage rates
  • Cut turnaround time to under four days from supplied art to mail through tested production workflows
  • Increased response rates among Evive Health’s employee audience members, supported by creative innovations in formats and design.

Darwill is the premier choice for Healthcare marketing solutions.

Contact us today and learn how we can help.

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