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Beltone Electronics Corporation has been a customer of Darwill’s for over 30 years. In that time, Darwill has moved from printing flyers that get mailed with a cheshire label (remember those?) to providing a robust marketing engine that includes:

  • 35 customizable direct mail templates in a web–to-print application A campaign testing environment that tests 48 new campaigns a year
  • Integrated data and results tracking
  • Increased response rates among Beltone's employee audience members, supported by creative innovations in formats and design.
  • 1500 dealer stores supported


One of the challenges of having this many “moving parts’ with a program of this scale was the management of the inventory of pre-printed masters (or shells) that would have to be produced, cut, and stored. These shells would need to be pulled from inventory every week for imprinting (laser personalization) for the twice weekly production run. The coordination and space requirements around this effort slowed productivity and production schedules, affecting in-home dates.


One of the reasons Darwill installed a Oce 3500 inkjet press was to help alleviate challenges like this. This groundbreaking technology allows for 4/4 color personalization for long run direct mail (among other products) in “one pass”. No more pre-printed shells cut to size and then fed through a laser printer. In this “white paper workflow”, blank paper starts on one side of the press, and cut to size, 4 color personalized letters are ready for folding and mailing. These letters (with any variation of 4 color images all integrated in) allows for:

  • A single production stream allowing for postage savings when common formats are used
  • No inventory to manage or throw away at the end of a campaign
  • Flexible testing environment-add test groups without interrupting production
  • Quicker manufacturing time because of less material handling

Darwill is the premier choice for Healthcare marketing solutions.

Contact us today and learn how we can help.

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