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Darwill has comprehensive security and compliance status, executing the most sensitive communications for financial institutions. Financial services firms need the utmost in secure, yet flexible communications to reach both customers and prospects. Darwill assists with:

  • HELOC offers
  • Firm offers of credit
  • Balance transfer offers (with integrated MICR ink)
  • New mover/pre mover mailings
  • Trigger mailings based upon changes in financial metrics
  • Reverse mortgage prospect campaigns

Reverse Mortgage Prospects

Reverse MortgagesDarwill’s state of the art database services help you locate and market to homeowners who may benefit from a Reverse Mortgage. Partnering with Altair technology, we have one of the largest databases of public and government mortgage records in the industry, incorporating data from 3,100+ counties nationwide. As we compile this data monthly, we track changes across the nation by market. This allows us to quickly monitor changes and identify potential new borrowers by market.

Our meticulous data hygiene process eliminates duplicates and assures that you receive the cleanest data and the most likely consumers to book a Reverse Mortgage.

Built using known Reverse Mortgages, our model’s performance is reviewed every six months and modified accordingly. Shifts in lending practices, home values and available markets are easily accounted for in our model.

Understanding the market is key to building our model. We can ensure one or both persons in the household are age-qualified for the product, resulting in less turn-downs. Using our 3rd decile cut-off, these homeowners are over 2 times more likely to book a Reverse Mortgage than non-modeled records.

“We’ve been really impressed with the quality and the ease of working with Darwill. We’re excited to see what we can accomplish together in the future.” Kristina Vann, TMGFS marketing specialist.

Success Story

TMG Financial Services

When TMG Financial Services (TMGFS), the change to Darwill as its marketing partner, the combination of high-speed inkjet technology and new online tools radically transformed its workflow.

TMG Financial ServicesBefore switching to Darwill, TMGFS used a traditional two-step workflow in which four-color shells were printed, warehoused, and then overprinted with black-and-white variable data as needed. This was both time-consuming and expensive for the mailings of Mastercard credit cards on behalf of 60+ credit unions.

“We were in a place where the vendor was behind the times,” says Kristina Vann, a TMGFS marketing specialist.

With Darwill’s Oce ColorStream 3500 Inkjet Printing System, however, we were able to implement “white paper in” workflow in which all of the versions and personalization can be produced in full-color on the fly. No more shells, no more warehousing. Just white paper in, full-color personalized documents out. Detailed welcome kits, personalized down to the state regulatory level, are customized inline.

When combined with our Insite workflow solution and online proofing, the advantages deepened. “[With our previous vendor], I had to proof many different shells,” says Vann. Needless to say, ‘One of my favorites was the Insite system and entire proofing process.”

Centralized assets and pre-approved templates stored and managed through the Insite platform give TMGFS the ability to create versions for its many partners more quickly and easily, while still giving TMGFS is the ability to maintain consistent branding and content.

TMGFS has also gained the ability to cost-effectively test messages and designs/colors based on the partner and the customer profile. This increased both relevance and response rates.

Put practical financial data to a targeted, creative use.

Our data capabilities combine with effective creative to win, every time.

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