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Cultural institutions like art museums, community-based organizations, and faith-based not for profits can benefit most by smart marketing to increase their user and member base. Cost-effective investments in consistent branding, digital marketing and direct mail campaigns can raise the status and respectability of your organization and drive action. Darwill can work with your existing marketing team or produce creative content ourselves, depending on your budget and goals.

Some capabilities we offer are:

  • Targeted social media advertisements for new exhibits or for membership drives
  • Acquisition mailings
  • Membership renewals through direct mail, Direct Digital IP Targeting and email campaigns
  • Membership card production and fulfillment (both paper and plastic)
  • Retargeting ads for prospects who have visited your website
  • Major donor campaigns and capital campaign collateral and mailings



Success Study

The Art Institute of Chicago

The Membership Department of The Art Institute of Chicago (AIC) needed to outsource and update their membership program. In three months, they needed to convert their in-house manual processing of paper cards to outsourced fulfillment of plastic cards, while still maintaining their level of customization and control of the process.

  • Reflect the prestige of the brand
  • Handle intricacies of 20 different variations of member packets
  • Redefine and create more streamlined fulfillment process
  • Add human checkpoint at end of process to ensure quality
  • AIC staff is free to focus on more strategic membership matters rather than having to manually fulfill thousands of mailings per week.
  • AIC has a single-source provider, which improves efficiencies

"Our Darwill account representative had all the answers and explained exactly how the program would work down to the smallest details,” said Missy Shinall, Associate Director of Member Experience. “They had the necessary experience in the cultural arena as well as real examples of other clients with complex fulfillment programs.”

Darwill worked closely with the AIC team to take a complex program, break it down, assess the pieces and set-up a new, more streamlined process. At every step of the way Darwill presented ideas to improve the process.

With Darwill as a partner, AIC has the convenience of a single source provider—with the expertise to continually improve the process and save on program costs and time. On one acquisition mailing alone, Darwill was able to save AIC $6,000 in postage costs.

Build brand awareness while succeeding campaign goals.

Darwill’s integrated marketing approach soars in the not-for-profit space.

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