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Darwill is a veteran of the direct marketing business, delivering data-driven campaigns for acquisition and retention. Our approach is to listen first – to your team, to your leadership and to your customers through analytics – then to create an integrated marketing strategy that fulfills your vision. Darwill works with clients, creating and testing different formats and technologies to increase response and revenue. Our goal is to take the best practices from those innovations, marry them with your vision, test them against your control and raise the bar on your results.

Powerful Data

Translate the data into actionable strategy.


Enhance the power of your advertising with our talented designers


Get on the press and in the mail faster with our full service capabilities

Reporting and Analytics

Measure response and analyze the data to drive success.


Marketing campaign success depends on accurate, clean, secure data and the ability to use that data to target the best consumers with the right message at the proper frequency. Darwill manages all your data needs:Data

  • List enhancement through data purchases and selection
  • Data cleansing and deduping
  • Segmentation
  • Customer profiling and data modeling
  • In-house triple-verified consumer data file of 230MM records

Our data experts include an in-house Data Science Team who analyze the data to uncover consumer insights. We take dry numbers and statistics and turn it into solid strategy and actionable direction. Our analytic plans serve to optimize your holistic marketing strategy and give quantifiable feedback on results.

Every process at Darwill is driven by data, and our results are proven by data. So we go to great lengths to ensure our data is accurate, clean, and secure. And our data experts interpret what those complex statistics are saying and translate it into real business value.



Our talented designers enhance the power of your advertising with their direct marketing expertise. Whether we are creating collateral from scratch or are working with your existing marketing and design team or agency partner, we’re here to ensure a flawless campaign that achieves the desired results.

Services include:

  • Copywriting
  • Format selection
  • Layout
  • A/B multivariate testing
  • Graphic and digital design


Digital or direct mail, we guide your campaigns from inception to conversion. Our facilities house the highest quality, four-color digital printing technology available. Our machines are powerful, fast, flexible, and efficient – we print and fulfill over 250 million direct mail pieces a year.


Since 1951, Darwill has answered the direct mail needs of customers nationwide. But we’re not some stodgy print shop – Darwill continually invests in innovative technologies to offer direct mail solutions that drive conversion and save you money. 

Direct mail marketing is alive and thriving – why not entrust your print marketing budget to an experienced company that executes each campaign with precision? Our streamlined workflow ensures optimum results, fast.

Take the first step towards measurable results. Contact us today to learn more.

Our Capabilities:

  • Electronic Prepress
  • Roll-to-roll or roll-to-sheet capability
  • Laser and inkjet personalization
  • Postal optimization
  • Match mailing technologies
  • High capacity (up to 22,000 per hour)
  • Digital 4-color variable data printing
  • Logistics management


Postal Optimization

Get the best bang for your buck with Darwill. Our equipment enables us to create 4 - color, variable envelopes for your direct mail pieces and consolidate content–varying campaigns into single production runs, thereby reducing your postage costs.

Want to track the efficacy of your direct mail campaign? No problem! We print IMB barcodes on each piece of mail, which is scanned by USPS’ automated equipment. This allows us to track your mail and gather actionable data to inform future drops. We gather this data prepare comprehensive reporting for you.

Co-Mingle – CoPal –Drop Shipping


Our turnaround times are some of the best in the industry – for even the most complex projects. We offer our customers flexibility; your files from wherever you are, and they’ll be proofed, corrected, and submitted to you for final approval within hours.

What We Offer:

  • Secure FTP/FileShare for Data uploads
  • Artwork file uploads via Kodak InSite
  • Upload press ready PDF’s for immediate on-line proofing
  • Digital Asset Management for image storage

Direct Mail Products:

  • Snap-Packs
  • Self-Mailers
  • Letter Packages
  • Catalogues
  • High End Collateral
  • Postcards
  • Personalized Four-Color Variable Envelopes
  • And More!

Convert new customers and nurture existing ones with Darwill. Whether you need high-end marketing collateral or lettershop services, we’re the full-service company you’ve been looking for.


Our strategy is driven by data, and our results are proven by data. Our advanced reporting tools give you quantifiable feedback on every integrated marketing campaign, proving exactly what return you are getting for your investment.

Reporting and AnalyticsUnique call tracking numbers measure response on all campaigns, and we can trace the path from lead to sale, calculating a cost per appointment (CPA) and cost per sale (CPS).

Our advanced reporting portal details:

  • Year over year performance
  • Cost per appointment by campaign piece
  • Geo maps and trend lines

The best practices equal the best results.

Get a free consultation.

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