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Email Advertising with Display Ad Retargeting
Feb 09, 2023

The Power of Email Paired with Display Retargeting

Are you using digital marketing to get in front of prospects? Marketers can reach consumers through social media, email, websites, and apps with images, gifs, videos, or audio ads. While the above-listed digital media platforms work well independently, there are multiple pairings that, when run together, make a substantial impact on digital campaigns.

Email advertising and display ad retargeting are two marketing methods that, when combined, can significantly enhance the overall effectiveness of a digital advertising campaign. Let's explore why this is a strong digital pairing.

Email Advertising and Display Ad Retargeting

Email advertising is a tool that marketers can use for prospecting new leads. It shows your business’s ad in a publisher’s email, allowing you to reach potential new customers from the publisher’s email list. Your ad dynamically gets placed in emails that are served to the publisher's subscribers who match your desired targeting selections based on customer demographics, location, and other targets.

Display ad retargeting shows personalized ads to consumers who have previously visited a website or shown interest in a product. This form of advertising uses cookies and tracking technology to follow consumers as they browse the web and show them relevant ads. Retargeting aims to bring the consumer back to your website to make a purchase or convert. Website visitors who are retargeted with an ad are more likely to convert by 43%, and pairing retargeting with other forms of digital marketing increases the chance for a sale by 50%. 

A Dynamic Duo

Combining these two strategies allows your business to achieve higher conversions. Email advertising creates brand awareness and drives initial interest, while display ad retargeting keeps a product or service top-of-mind with consumers who have already shown interest.

When the recipient clicks on your email ad, they are redirected to a landing page where they can make a purchase or other intended action. If prospects do not convert, they are retargeted with digital ads to promote immediate conversions. Running these two digital mediums in tandem enhances the effectiveness of your digital campaign by reaching prospects at multiple touchpoints, increasing brand awareness, and driving sales.

Email Advertising

Go Multi-channel with Your Digital Strategy

Pairing the right digital media together can significantly improve the campaign's impact. You may even consider a multi-channel strategy to push your digital marketing further. Darwill can help you create an all-encompassing approach and reach consumers across every channel by tying in social media, streaming TV, streaming audio, search engine result pages, in-app displays, and more. Going multi-channel allows you to get your message or products in front of potential customers across multiple touchpoints for improved conversion rates. We can help you expand your reach and retarget top prospects on every channel.

Digitalize Your Campaign with Darwill

Amplify your campaign with Darwill's digital products and services. We'll introduce powerful digital tools and techniques that help you reach consumers at the right time with personalized messages and remind them to make a purchase or convert through digital retargeting. Whether you're starting with email advertising and display ad retargeting or want to push your digital strategy even further, Darwill is your partner. Connect with us to learn about our digital expertise.

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