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aPRODarwill is an aPRO partner ready to provide comprehensive direct marketing solutions for the Rent-to-Own industry. We’ve learned that most owners already send out direct mail through a variety of vendors, but very few do it in a way that maximizes your ROI. Let us leverage our vast direct mail expertise with comprehensive direct marketing services including direct mail, data, creative services and e-mail services. We provide:

  • Customized Campaigns – Our expert teams will do the programming that will give you the accurate customization you are looking. We do not spare the details for easy automation.Rent to Own New Mover Campaign
  • Full Service – We will take your campaign from start to finish with strategies, professional in-house design teams, data, analytics, and matchback programs.
  • Maximize ROI – Darwill’s direct marketing solutions consistently produce high return of investment with accurate targeting efforts.
  • Rent-to-Own Industry experience – We produce millions of pieces of direct mail specifically designed for stores like yours and our proven strategy can work for you too.

Our strategy is built around three key factors that will translate to successful results for you:

  1. The Mail Piece Is Not The Only Factor – Many factors can significantly impact the success or failure of any campaign. We pay attention to every detail like the names and frequency of all mail recipients, not simply the design and message.
  2. Mail Customers First And The Rest Of The World Last – The response rate when mailing customers can be five to ten times greater than a prospect mailing list.
  3. Frequency Is Fundamental – The more you mail an individual, the more likely they are to respond. Just as important is knowing how often to mail to see optimal results.

Would you like more information on our campaigns?

Fill out the form below to download more information on our current campaigns. We will contact you to discuss how our winning strategy can help your business. Also, contact us about past campaign winners that we have available.

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