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USPS 2017 Direct Mail Promotions

THE USPS HAS ANNOUNCED SIX DIRECT MAIL PROMOTION PROGRAMS offering incentives to increase mail volumes for the 2017 calendar year. These promotions—including one new and five continuing ones—are intended to provide marketers incentive to use direct mail to increase customer engagement with dynamic color, new print techniques, mobile technology, and traditional and innovative mail techniques. On average, participation in the promotions will provide a 2-5% postage

1. The Earned Value Reply:

Extended to six months (from three), this program offers credits for Alternate Postage mail pieces (in addition to Business Reply Mail and Courtesy Reply Mail pieces), and increases the per-piece credit amount from $0.02 to $0.05.

Incentive: $.05 credit /piece, includes standard mail

Registration Period: Nov 15 – Dec 31, 2016

Promotion Period: Jan 1 – June 30, 2017

2. Personalized Color Transpromo:

As in prior years, this promotion enhances the value of First- Class Mail by encouraging mailers to invest in color print technology in order to foster a better connection with, and response from, customers. It will allow new participants to qualify without meeting the personalization requirement.

Incentive: 2% discount at the time of mailing

Registration Period: May 15 – Dec 31, 2017

Promotion Period: July 1 – Dec 31, 2017

3. Emerging & Advanced Technology:

The Emerging and Advanced Technology Promotion will incorporate Virtual Reality, and will flip the physical-to-digital model by encouraging “programmatic” and “retargeting” direct mail strategies, under which physical mail pieces are generated automatically as a result of consumers’
online actions.

Incentive: 2% discount at the time of mailing

Registration Period: Jan 15 – Aug 31, 2017

Promotion Period: March 1 – Aug 31, 2017

4. Tactile, Sensory & Interactive Mail Piece Engagement:

Direct mailers who “enhance customer engagement with the mail through the use of advanced print innovations in paper and stock, substrates, inks and finishing techniques” will be considered. Standard mail that meets the requirements will be eligible for an upfront 2% postage discount during the promotional period.

Incentive: 2% discount at the time of mailing

Promotion Period: Feb 1 – July 31, 2017

5. Mobile Shopping:

Geared towards e-commerce marketers, this promotion offers a 2% discount for Standard Mail letters and flats that include qualifying technology (i.e., QR codes, snap tags, watermarks) inside or on the mail piece that facilitates consumer purchases through a mobile-friendly website or social media “Buy Now” features.

Incentive: 2% discount at the time of mailing

Registration Period: June 15 – Dec 31, 2017

Promotion Period: Aug 1 – Dec 31, 2017

6. Direct Mail Starter:

New to the 2017 roster, this promotion incentivizes smaller businesses to start using direct mail as a marketing channel. The Postal Service says it is “aware that complex participation requirements can create barriers for many small business mailers that would otherwise respond to promotional incentives by maintaining or growing their direct mail volume.” Requirements-abiding Standard Mail will be eligible for a 5% postage discount up front.

Incentive: 5% discount at the time of mailing (up to 10,000 pieces)

Registration Period: March 15 – July 31, 2017

Promotion Period: May 1 – July 31, 2017

Download a PDF version of these promotions.
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