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Welcome to ROI! Our re-imagined newsletter that is full of great information that you will find inspiring and useful as you create and execute communications that move your business forward.

Q4: 2016

How Important Is Social Media Integration Really?

The answer is ‘critical.’ ROI for social media is difficult to determine but customer engagement is key for both attracting and retaining customers.
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Tips to Simplify Design for Personalized Direct Mail

Are you doing more data-driven targeting and personalization these days? If so, then you know that designing a piece with variable elements is not the same as designing a static piece. Elements within the piece can change in size, length, and sometimes even format.
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Top 4 Trends in Membership Organization Marketing

Membership organizations face the dual challenge of acquiring new members while keeping existing ones engaged for the long term. What are the most popular strategies and how are they working?
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Financial Marketing in Times of Uncertainty

This is a year of financial uncertainty. Brexit. The Wells Fargo scandal. U.S. presidential elections. How should lending institutions adapt their marketing to such times?
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5 Top Trends in Supplemental Health Insurance Marketing

If you’re in the health insurance industry, you know how valuable supplemental health insurance can be to your customers and the bottom line. According to a recent report from Mintel Comperemedia, here are the five top trends to watch.
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Darwill Employees Help Feed My Starving Children

Darwill employees not only work together, but they serve together, too. Last August, six dozen Darwill employees gathered at the Feed My Starving Children distribution center in Aurora, IL to pack meals for needy communities around the world.
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New USPS Programs

The United States Postal Service offers a variety of programs that encourage mailers to expand the effectiveness of their direct mail programs while saving money on postage. On average, participation will provide
a 2-5% postage discount in 2017:
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Chief Marketing Officer Stats

25% of respondents see the CMO as primarily responsible for the company’s growth strategies and revenue generation
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