Darwill uses data to reach customers everywhere
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Darwill uses data to reach customers everywhere

May 18, 2017

mobile advertising is driven by dataSavvy modern marketers have adopted an omni-channel strategy for reaching elusive consumers. This strategy includes a using a variety of web, social and print platforms to reach consumers at the optimal time with the appropriate message. One new digital product integrating seamlessly into the marketing mix is Reverse IP Append, a savvy tool capturing the IP addresses of visitors to your website and then appends the household address by matching to offline data sources. Marketers can now respond to a previously anonymous web visit by sending a direct-mail piece to individuals who have taken specific action. For example, if someone visits a museum website page about an upcoming exhibition of watercolors; the museum’s marketing team can follow-up that visit with a postcard inviting them to a new gallery opening.

The technology in our Reverse IP Append process is beneficial for marketers because it incorporates offline data to the household address, instead of unreliable cookie data. Such offline sources include registered voter lists, customer databases, modeled data, and direct-mail data, which now can be matched with creative advertising messages. Plus, marketers can layer an advertising message to the website visitor by adding display advertising to the campaign for a multi-channel approach. We can also provide location-based out-of-home mobile ads to these customers. So, for that same museum, a mobile ad for the gallery opening could be shown to the user if they are nearby.

Why is this important? How are customers are approached is becoming as important to marketers as what the message is. Consumers want relevant product information in the right context. Marketers, however, have been slow to adopt one-to-one marketing strategies because these strategies are time-consuming and difficult to scale.

A universal challenge

Marketers today face many challenges, no matter their product, pitch or industry. Consumers are more saturated with marketing messages than ever, from every direction, and can develop “ad blindness.” Insights derived from only a customer’s online behavior only tells part of the story. Using traditional digital marketing methods, click-based ads can target the wrong people or, worse, not seen by anyone. In fact, Google estimates more than 50% of served ads are never seen.

In digital marketing, one size does not fit all. Not every customer responds to the same message. The goal of any campaign is to get the most bang for your buck, and sending a message resonating most effectively to your audience to drive sales or leads is very effective. That’s where the data experts at Darwill can help. Contact Darwill business development experts to help design your campaign.

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