Customers are getting comfortable providing data to marketers
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Customers are getting comfortable providing data to marketers

May 10, 2017

There’s a growing concern about marketers getting too intrusive with consumer data. Yet recent studies have shown consumers are interested in sharing data with trusted brands, once a relationship has been established.

According to the Oracle Retail 2025 study, consumers are prepared to embrace new technology and provide personal information to help businesses provide information to help with buying decisions.

“One of the more interesting insights we gleaned from this year’s study was that consumers have very high expectations for retailers to be transparent and deliver real-time data about product origin, components and recalls,” says Mike Webster, senior vice president and general manager, Oracle Retail, speaking to online retail marketing site, FierceRetail. “The more retailers can fulfill on their brand promise, whether that be by delivering the right product at the right time to the right place, or communicating critical information about product risk, the stronger the bond of trust will be between retailer and consumer.”

According to the study, more than half of consumers had a positive attitude, for example, to their grocery store suggesting a shopping list for their approval based on purchase history, social, environmental and other data. Such recommendations are good way for service providers and retailers to build personal relationships with customers without engaging in lengthy customer surveys or quizzes. A customer’s actual behavior is a better indication of future behavior than any survey data.

Consumers respond well to brands in the right context

Consumers are looking for a tailored experience, reinforcing the need for stronger brand relationships, according to Oracle. Consumers are now expecting retailers to make data available about products components (“gluten free”), point of origin (“Made in the USA”) and other data points relevant to their buying patterns. Three-out-of-four shoppers in the Oracle study were interested in getting this specific information prior to purchase. This is great for marketers, because when a consumer wants to know more information about a product, you are that much closer to the sale.

“Brands need to do more than chase the next hot consumer technology and wrestle with how they can implement new innovations in the context of their brand promise,” said Webster in the article.

Using your customer data, Darwill can help to define and to segment audiences, then align personalized direct-marketing creative for each audience

Personalized marketing is a powerful trend, but with this comes a responsibility to clearly target the appropriate audience with the right message. Darwill can help marketers accomplish this in a variety of ways. Using your customer data, Darwill can help to define and to segment audiences, then align personalized direct-marketing creative for each audience. We have the technology to personalize each to the a single envelope. Plus, we can also target those audiences with corresponding display ads through our IP targeting product.

Darwill can also maximize your website traffic with our Reverse Append services. You’ve expended resources getting consumers to visit your website; now you can extend that reach by sending them a custom direct-mail piece within days of the website visit. The piece is linked to a specific product or conversion page, making the marketing message more and relevant, personalized and timely than ever before.

Can your business benefit from these techniques? Contact  Darwill business development experts to help design your campaign.

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