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Darwill drives the new direction in direct marketing

March 29, 2017

As more and more marketing companies use big data to reach new customers, many of those same customers use technology to pare down the marketing messages they receive. It’s getting harder to reach tech-savvy potential customers. Adblockers are one way consumers avoid web-based marketing messages. Also, browser cookies don’t reflect actual demographics, which is unfortunately […]

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Three tactics using direct mail to drive memberships

March 7, 2017

Museums, associations and service groups have one thing in common: They are struggling to maintain and build memberships. Baby Boomers who made up the majority of their members are aging out of the workforce, and Gen X and Millennial citizens are not seen as “joiners” of these types of groups. They prefer low-commitment, impromptu groups […]

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5 ways to build your direct marketing list

February 28, 2017

Looking to build or expand your direct-marketing list? If so, you have more options than the standard approaches of purchasing a targeted list or purchasing data to append the list you already have. Here are five ways to build a great direct mail list that you might not have thought of. 1. Purchase an event attendee […]

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Digital printing brings creative opportunities to marketers

February 14, 2017

When making the change to digital printing, many marketers look at the impressive array of available digital capabilities. Certainly data is vital to direct-marketing success, but digital printing also opens up creative possibilities. Darwill customer TMG Financial Services (TMGFS) discovered this when switching from an offset process to digital fulfillment. TMGFS issues ATIRAcredit Mastercard credit […]

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How to create direct mail that resonates

February 7, 2017

Most marketers have checklist to accomplish projects, from determining the objectives, developing the creative, setting up the budget, and so forth. Sometimes, as they work through the checklist, however, direct mail marketers can miss a few key “secret sauce” elements that can mean the difference between average results and a successful campaign. For direct-mail pieces, […]

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Designing for variable information and personalized printing

January 31, 2017

Today’s marketing is increasingly personalized. In a personalized piece, marketers use data about the recipient to personalize text and images to create a more relevant communication. From a design perspective, designing a piece with variable elements is not the same as designing a static piece. The elements within the piece, whether text or images, can […]

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Qualitative data vs. quantitative data: Do you know the difference? 

January 24, 2017

When it comes to personalized marketing, whether in print or email, there are two types of data: quantitative and qualitative. Quantitative data is data you can put numbers on—household income, ZIP Code, number of children. We often call these demographics. Qualitative data is data you cannot put numbers on, such as personal preferences and behavior. […]

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2017 USPS rate changes are a mixed bag

January 17, 2017

The USPS 2017 rate changes take effect Sunday, Jan. 22. The changes are a mixed bag of increases and decreases (which favor large mailers). Here’s some of the major changes: First-class mail First-class Stamped Letter price increases to 49 cents (the first increase since January 2014) First-class Metered Letter postage decreases to 46 cents Postcards […]

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Keeping up with customer personas vital for demand generation

January 10, 2017

Before new customers can buy from you, they need to learn about you. They need to discover you through direct mail, via email, or on the web. To create this awareness, companies are developing sophisticated demand-generation programs. According to the third annual Demand Generation Survey from Annuitas, the top five goals of enterprises’ demand-generation programs […]

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